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African Union Regards Elections as Step Forward for Democratic Transformation
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Apr 19, 2010 - 6:24:34 AM

African Union Regards Elections as Step Forward for Democratic Transformation


Khartoum, April 18 (SUNA) - The African Union mission for monitoring the elections in Sudan, which is headed by the former president of Ghana, John Kofor, has congratulated the Sudanese people, the political parties, the candidates and the international partners on success of the elections and regarded these elections as a step forward for realizing democratic transformation and implementing the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA)


The representative of president Kofor, Kunle Adeymi, said in a press conference he held Sunday afternoon at Al-Fatih Tower Hotel in Khartoum that these elections were historic and enabled the Sudanese people to practice their democratic and civil rights for the first time since 24 years


He said that the African Union regard these elections are boosting to the peace and democratic process in Sudan, adding that these elections were regarded as a good accomplishment of the Sudanese people and the National Elections Commission


He refuted any claims that portray these elections as unfair and not free. Adeymi said that the African Union knows that a number of parties have withdrawn from the election process with different pretexts and reasons; therefore they are not expected to give positive reports about these elections


He criticized the reports of some observers of the elections in Sudan who said that the Sudanese elections were below the international standards, adding that he refuses comparing of the Sudanese elections with experiments of advanced countries like France and Britain, especially that Sudan is a country which has lately emerged from war and did not witness elections throughout the past 24 years



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