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Yasir Arman Dismiss Allegations/By: Hussien Halfawi
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Aug 3, 2009 - 11:26:35 AM



Yasir Arman Dismiss Allegations

By: Hussien Halfawi

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The deputy secretary general of the S-P-L-M northern sector, Yasir Arman, has dismissed a report by the pro-government newspaper Akhir Lahaza, that some members in the northern sector are demanding his removal.


The paper claimed that a group of S-P-L-M members in the north calling themselves ”the late Doctor Garang’s office group” held a press conference in Khartoum on Sunday, accusing Arman of firing SPLM leaders in the north.


The report also added that the group is urging the chairman of the S-P-L-M, Salva Kiir, to remove Arman from the northern sector.


Yasir Arman spoke to Sudan Radio Service from Khartoum on Monday. He dismissed the report and described it as “one of the N-C-P’s campaigns against the S-P-L-M.”


[Yasir Arman- Arabic]: It is a part of a long and continuous campaign from the N-C-P’s security apparatus and the popular security. Since they organized that conference at the late El-Zubair’s conference hall, you can smell the N-C-P’s involvement. Recently, the N-C-P has been launching destructive campaigns against the S-P-L-M. Now they have created four movements and political parties under the name of the S-P-LM, such as the S-P-L-M DC, the national S-P-L-M, etc. The lady who was referred to as the one who made the allegation does not belong to the northern sector and she’s not one of its leaders and we have never heard of her before.”


Arman accused the N-C-P of imposing what he called “tough censorship” of Khartoum ’s media.


[Yasir Arman- arabic]: “We have become familiar with this kind of campaign, it has no taste, smell or color, and no one believes in it. Now there is very tough censorship on the media in Khartoum , they never allow us (the s-p-l-m) to send our political message through the media. The only bodies who speak in the media are the N-C-P and its apparatus; their apparatus is working to sabotage political life.”


Yasir Arman was speaking to Sudan Radio Service from Khartoum .


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