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Will the National Election in Sudan takes place? By Federico Vuni
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Mar 24, 2010 - 10:00:30 AM

Will the National Election in Sudan takes place?


As the time for the national election draws closer the Sudanese people seems to be more confused than ever of whether the election will take place. In a real democratic terms, numbers of things should have already happened. But it look like there is no desire from the part of those who are in command for a change through a clean and  transparent election. The ruling party has been dragging its foot regarding numbers of issues which needed to have been in place for a transparent and democratic election to take place. Reform of the following laws should have been completed: The National security Act, the Criminal Act, the Trade Unions Act, the Immunity Law, Press & Printed Materials Act and the Public Order Act. The existent of these laws in their present state, only gives the NCP a clear advantage at this coming election, they have played there card extremely well, ensuring that every thing is aligned to their plan. The Electoral Commission in the other hand is nothing but a rubber stamp of the NCP ruling party, it has lost its authority and credential as an independent body. Every thing is under the supervision of the NCP, the election campaigns are being directed and the media controlled, we are only weeks away from the elections and the election date has not being revealed. Reports from Juba reveals that tens of thousands have expressed uncertainty over the fate of their names went missing from the preliminary exhibitions, in the register lists. Adding to the frustration of the opponents is the recent unfriendly statement of the president warning to the foreign poll observers, threatening to throw them out of the country if they should support any call for delaying of the National election which many of the opposition are calling for.  


We had a high hope that the upcoming election would bring stability to the country and all the parties should be focusing on the needs of the Sudanese people, corruption, insecurity, international isolation the poor living standard should be the burning issues need addressing now and after elections. The NCP if are confident of winning the coming election, should stop harassing their opponents and allow a free and fair campaign. The   Sudanese people retain the right to scrutinize those they are casting their vote for, no one running for election (presidency) should be immune from a thorough scrutiny (this includes the contestants for the presidency for South Sudan). The people of Sudan has been dehumanized enough under all the successive regimes, and it is time they demand to be listen to.  As to date the opponents were not given fair chance for pre- election campaign the Sudanese people have been denied the opportunity to exercise their informed choice select whom to lead them for the coming term. The choice is a tough one, which of the candidates to vote for. There are three main figures according to the opinion poll, the NCP candidate (Elbeshir), the UMMA main stream candidate (El Mahadi) and the SPLM candidate (Arman) that have emerged strongly. The first two have had their chance in leading the country and I wonder what new they can offer to the Sudanese people. The third is the SPLM candidate whom may be the least tragedy if we consider all three are tragedies, he seems to address better the issues that relates  to aspiration of the people of Sudan, stresses on equality among the Sudanese people (equal citizenship), permanent peace and correction of the international blemished image of the Sudan. This is the way I see it but the choice is for the Sudanese people to make.


 By Federico Vuni   -24 March 2010                   email address: [email protected]  


The national Two of the main candidates (the NCP candidate and the UMMA main stream candidate)

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