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Why US Special Envoy Gration is footing Darfuris for his personal success by Hussein Abu Sharati
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Sep 24, 2009 - 10:51:13 PM

Why US Special Envoy Gration is footing Darfuris for his personal success

The IDPs and Refugees have received undeniable information that the USA special envoy Scott Gration; has given Sudan Government the green light in a meeting held on 18/9/2009 between him and Sudan new National Security boss Mohamed Atta in the buildings of National Security head quarters in Khartoum in presence of other security top officials including one named Shareif and Sanjak. The gentle man agreement consists of three faces: The Military face that gave Government of Sudan go ahead to attack position and areas controlled by Abdul Wahid Nur to weaken his military capabilities. The politically face:  to disperse supporters of Abdul Wahid either by physical liquidations or wining them by material incentives. Diplomatic face: to create propaganda that Abdul Wahid has become agent for foreign countries and that he does not represent the people of Darfur, and for the people of Darfur to look for someone else to represent them. The excuse of Gration on this plan claimed that Abdul Wahid stand on the way of peace in Sudan. Therefore, the Government of Sudan behaved accordingly and carried the heinous attacks that took place in  Kurma, Ain Siro,Kagro and Kidjeer,  although we are expecting wide attacks on the coming days.
However; the Darfurian IDPs and Refugees have full confidence that Gration’s unethical move did not represent USA Government Administration official stand, according to the statement released from the U.S Embassy in Khartoum. But it’s not acceptable to tolerate super power’s special envoy, who is driven by personal success at the expense of the misery of Darfur people.
It’s known that Gration visited us several times; and held wide interviews with the representatives of the people and the IDPs and Refugees; and our demands to him were known world-wide. Nevertheless; instead of working to alleviate our suffering and help us gain our rights, regrettably; he allied himself with Khartoum regime and working tirelessly to create new movements and change the leadership that we still tirelessly support. On the other hand source also revealed to us that Gration approached many Darfurian dignitaries to assume the new leadership role. Among them are the retired general Ibrahim Suleiman who refused the offer, Al- shafei Mohamed Ahmed who also refused the offer. So at last they have chosen Dr.Sharif Hareiri who accepted the offer of new leadership after he was indorsed by Government of Eritrea for all kinds of support. According to our confidential information the mission of Government of Sudan is scheduled to be accomplished before the declaration of American Government plan over Sudan in the coming October.  Hence; we reiterate that it’s high time for Gration and his likes to learn to respect the choice of the people.
The move of Gration to create another Abuja in Doha will not bend us, but it will rather stiffen our determination to continue to struggle and hold the banner of our just cause, as Jews appeared from their deaths in the chambers, to a strong nations. Therefore; we are fully prepared to die all or to rise with this cause, so that the ongoing genocide become as a rebirth to our nation.
Hussein Abu Sharati
The Spokesperson of Darfur IDPs and Refugees

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