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Who is really the enemy of Unity state? By: Malual James, JUBA
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Nov 20, 2009 - 8:13:01 AM

Who is really the enemy of Unity state?


By: Malual   James, JUBA


It is always hard and painful when it comes to the issue of telling and confessing the truth to the world; and even Jesus could not respond when asked by Pilate that, "what is the truth?" Now, coming back to the point of what I want to say concerning Unity state is about events that happened in Unity state since 1985 up to date.... and the person behind those horrific events that occurred for decades which resulted to the loss of lives of many innocent people.


In 1985, Matip Nhial formed a militia Movement known as BERIGATE that fought against the SPLA/SPLM for seven years. He got help from the government of Sudan and recruited the young men from Unity state by force and opened a military training at Mayom County . That Movement of his had no vision or political direction at all for which they were waging war against the people of Southern Sudan .

If we ask a Question as, what did Matip want from the people of Southern Sudan when he was fighting the SPLA in 1980s? Neither Matip himself nor his supporters will give you a definite answer or a logical reason that can justify the war. The soldiers whom he recruited by force from the villages or cattle camps were fighting for the sake of fighting without knowing the reason why they were fighting JINUUBIN.

In addition, they went as far as recruiting the young students of Southern Sudan in various schools at Khartoum state and brought them to Unity state to fight the SPLA. When the students asked the reason why they are being forced to fight the SPLA, the officers of Matip's forces would arrest and execute them slowly at night. Commanders would say that these students wanted to run away and join the SPLA; and that is why they are asking such questions.

In fact, this Movement known as BERIGATE however, did a great damage and destruction in Unity state in which many people perished until 1992 when Matip joined SSIM/SSIA South Sudan Independence Movement/ South Sudan Independence Army formed by Dr. Riek Machar after the SPLA split into SPLA TORIT FACTION AND SPLA Nasir faction.


Before joining SSIM, Matip continued with his business of killing; and he allegedly assassinated a very innocent and most respected chief in Bul Nuer called LUK GATLUAK THON in 1987 just because CHIEF LUK advised him not to fight his brothers in the South. And many people mysteriously disappeared in a similar way from his hands directly or indirectly.

For example, in 1999 after disagreeing with Dr. Riek's forces, he broke away from SSIM and was supplied with ammunitions and different types of weapons by his allies the Sudan government to destroy the Khartoum Peace Agreement. On 11th of July of 1999, he allegedly assassinated two ministers in Unity State , Luis Keah Madut from his home County Mayom and Choc de Kiir of Parieng County in cold blood simply because those ministers advised him not to kill his own people the Nuer and Dinka of Unity state.


On that very night in which the ministers were killed, Col. Shiem'seddin the late nephew of president El Bashiir, was with Paulino Matip at Hegglig oilfield and told him [Matip] to execute also the young intellectuals of Unity state. And sixty young and educated men died mysteriously on that same night alone from execution and torture carried out allegedly by Matip's men.

So if we ask ourselves again with these questions as, is this a destruction or a slight mistake? Is it a crime against Humanity or it is a justified killing? If it is a logical killing, then what criteria did Matip use to justify that action against innocent ones?

So, who is the greater enemy of the people of Unity state in this way from the starting point of the SPLA up to this moment?

Matip has been a threat and a chronic disease in Unity state since the formation of the SPLA/SPLM. For that matter therefore, we the young intellectuals of Unity state will never and ever support him in whatsoever circumstance it may be. We thank and congratulate the leadership of Unity state together with Division Four of the SPLA warriors for having cleared and secured the state recently from Matip's men who are not 100% SPLA. soldiers.


SPLA is the only one Army being recognized in the South Sudan as stipulated in Comprehensive Peace Agreement. We cannot accommodate and entertain the third Army or group of gangs of militia members sponsored by NIF to threaten peace in Southern Sudan . These militia members are the cause of instability and insecurity throughout Southern Sudan . It is a lie to say that the WHOLE NUER COMMUNITY SUPPORTS THIS GROUP OF MATIP.


Then, the so-called NUER COUNCIL who use to write bias in the internet is a baseless institution. There is nothing in fact called NUER COUNCIL that exists in real entity. Those are just group of criminals who like to criticize people for the sake of criticism without having a good clear political objective. They are like dogs who are barking at the elephants. They are also like women who are powerless that keep crying over small things after being defeated. These people have admitted that they have been defeated and that is why they are crying like that in the internet.


My advice goes to Governor, Brig. General Taban Deng not to allow himself and his leadership to be intimidated by this group in Unity state.. I used to blame him last time by setting aside a budget of $S 60,000 dollars for Matip and his children. Why give him such an amount of money alone when we have a lot of things to be done such as developmental programs in the state? Don't you know that he is an enemy who can finish you in a minute? Have you forgotten when he expelled you out of our state giving you a dateline of three hours as if you are not the son of Bentiu if not the Governor?


This time Gatnyalam no compromises!   Matip is always Matip and he does not change himself like other people. You give him money or anything, he does not value it; - and so he does not even know that he has been given anything good. He does not appreciate what has been offered to him by the people even if you give him the whole Sudan . He possesses an endless heart.. Let me tell you the truth frankly speaking, if you give him the state's money again, you will find yourself alone - having so many enemies in Unity state.


I know that there is no permanent friend or enemy in politics but this issue of Matip has gone beyond the normal politics. Matip likes involving himself in state's affairs which are far away from his power in order to fulfill his selfish interest. He is a Deputy Commander -in- Chief of all the SPLA Army forces, why does he want to interfere in civil administration when he is supposed to focus on Military affairs and the Security of Southern Sudan if he is indeed really a true leader of Southern Sudan ?

Matip feels very insecure in Southern Sudan just because he committed crimes against Humanity in Southern Sudan and his being in the middle, one leg in the SPLA and the other in the NIF is therefore a great challenge to the SPLA and the people of Southern Sudan in general and particularly the people of Unity state.


My last advice goes to every leader in Southern Sudan not to cause hatred that divides our people. We are in the world of ICC nowadays which is not far from our doors at any time. So be prepared to face the ICC when it comes to you for justice to be done.

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