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Where is Dr. Pauline Riak in this Scandal of US $2.7 billion? BY: Joseph Phillip, SUDAN
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Nov 10, 2009 - 4:45:38 PM

Where is Dr. Pauline Riak in this Scandal of US $2.7 billion?
BY: Joseph Phillip,


Please allow me to start by quoting the below article from Monday, 23 March 2009 , "South Sudan Passes Anti-Corruption Bill: “A nation cannot work effectively with the absence of an anti-corruption bill,” said Speaker for SSLA, James Wani Igga.

Now that the anti-corruption bill has been passed, is our Nation working effectively?

“We were not able to investigate, prosecute or send summons,” the chairwoman of the South Sudan Anti-Corruption Commission, Pauline Riak told New Sudan Vision on
Monday 23 March 2009 .

You have been granted powers to investigate, prosecute or summon but so far who have you investigated, prosecuted or summoned?

Officials said commission staff had already identified up to 30 serious cases of graft, but were unable to take any actions against suspects because parliament had not passed “enabling” legislation giving the commission the right to investigate.

“I am confident that with the provision of the bill, we shall be able to carry out our work effectively without any threats,” said Riak. Dr. Pauline, surely you seem to be abusing your office, where is the confidence you have mentioned? Where is the effectiveness you mentioned if US $2.7 Billion is missing at the moment and will still continue missing?

Jimmy Wongo, MP in the Southern Sudan Legislative Assembly shares the same view when he said, “the bill must be accompanied with strong measures to bring all corrupt agencies to law.” A thief will always support a thief that is.......

In addition, several cases of corruption in the region involves rigging of commercial bids and issuing of preferential treatments to individuals and organizations based on tribe and friendship, said South Sudan’s Director General for Investigation and Legal Services, Aleu Garang. Mr. Aleu you are so smart, however being the director of the investigation, who have you really investigated? We are seeing how you are shadowing each other.

Here is my statement:--- After passing the bill nothing so far has been achieved, therefore, Dr. Pauline and her cohorts must go. These are the corrupters of the high order. Their statement does not hold much water at all. I am convinced that the objectives of the so-called SSACC are not measurable.

She has managed to seduce our young and inexperience president Kirr by sexing up her report to SSLA and the all parliament ended up kneeling and bowing down to the so-called doctor. What a shame that is! No wonder a master thief has recruited a notorious thief.

She has gone out to carry a research on how other Anti-corruption commission chairpersons have been paid instead of finding ways of dealing with corruption. She has asked for her salary and the salaries of the whole commission to be highly increased for the work that they have never done.

Pauline, who have you tried to deserve all this increment of the salaries? Please compare the salary of President Kibaki and President Obama, you will find that Kibaki receives a lot of salary than the powerful president of the world Mr. Barak Obama. Thanks God, in Kenya we have heard of the “Goldenberg inquiry and the Anglo leasing  scandal,“ what about in Southern Sudan ?

Mrs. Riak, you know well our fingers are not of the same height. Why do you want to compare yourself with other experienced chairpersons of Anti-corruption commission?  

I beg you to resign like Mr. Ringera of Kenya to prove your innocence or to show Southerners that what the parliamentarians passed was only a shadow of a cat.

Please Pauline must GO GO GO....


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