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What is SPLM Going to Do towards the Upcoming Elections By: Deng Mulwal
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May 27, 2009 - 7:50:02 PM

What is SPLM Going to Do towards the Upcoming Elections

By: Deng Mulwal


It goes without saying that the SPLM is suffering from elections phobia, and it is no more secret that the movement is trying by all means to avoid running this test which causes it an unprecedented  horror.

On one hand, the SPLM did not nominate its candidate for the presidency as the issue was subject to ebbs and flows for several months and nobody is sure that the movement's political bureau has decided to nominate Salva Kiir for the presidency elections.

On the other hand, the movement worked in preparing cruel laws such as press and publication laws which means that it desires to muzzle the press to guarantee a political arena free from any criticism which enables it to run the upcoming elections without facing any criticism for its violations in the south.


The SPLM started leading a new political manifesto threatening that it will return to war if the CPA is violated. What is strange is that this was not in mode in the very few last months as its leader repeatedly confirms that there no way to return to square one despite any differences with its partner, NCP.


The new trend which indicates return to war displays the fact that the movement is seeking for an excuse to escape running for the elections.

However, the SPLM situation be it in the North or in the centre is its own making, as it has contributed in creating it starting from the financial corruption up to the insecurity, and its negligence to the national affairs. Leaving the SPLM northern sector to a controversial leader who is far away from the democracy for is another show down of the SPLM.


It is better for the movement to practice self criticism and prepare for the upcoming elections instead of thinking that its current moves might lead to elections postponement. Walking out from the house of democracy is certainly undemocratic!




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