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We Know who is desperately waiting but Who Is Lying This Time? by Hatim El-Madani*
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Jun 15, 2009 - 2:07:19 PM

We Know who is desperately   waiting but Who Is Lying This Time?


Humanitarian assistance, Aid and work that urgently needed by innocents victims, displaced ,sick and starving   should not have come to become another sickening bargaining chip by Khartoum Mafia in their presidential palaces , and   anyone know after all, the decision to expel   the 13 Aid agencies by Al Bashir after been indicted by the ICC will condemn millions of IDP to hunger and sickness and amount to another mass death and torture order by the same persons whom are the cause of these people to be in this situation in the first place, but apart of condemnations here and there, the feet dragging international community under the spell of nonsense academics' and African and Arab organizations none elected dictators messengers, failed time and again to forcefully confront the regime or to learn from the long deceiving twist and turns record of this Mafia in dealing with the international community.

Its not surprising at all when the government   on Sunday disputed a declaration by John Holmes, the United Nations humanitarian coordinator ,that it would allow expelled aid groups to return to Darfur, with or without   "new names and new logos."

While the BBC under the same academics spells rushed to announce the triumphed breakthrough but shied away unprofessionally later to air the denial loudly, too the hardliners in the regime rushed urging their wanted President to stick to his decision. And yesterday   Dr.Gazi Salah Aeldeen the president advisor made an statement stating in details what has been agreed between him and The Obama administration's   envoy for Sudan General Scott Gration, denying any such agreement with him to allow the expelled Aid agencies back and he went further to say the UN is not part of that agreement and has nothing to do with the admission or the registration of Aid agencies needed in Sudan.

Who is lying ? If so, than for what ?

Dr.Gazzi Salah Adean statement came just hours after an earlier statement made on behalf of the newly deployed so called national Humanitarian organizations there for the media by an Islamist Aid agency director called Ahmad Adam Abdu Al-Gadir of the (Islamic Medics agency in Darfur) denouncing the decision to allow the Aid charities back, and went on to make malicious accusations against the expelled aid groups, accusing them of spying, pocketing the aid money and worse accusing some of the expelled agencies staffs of producing fake Gang rape orgies videos he claimed are intended to be used as evidence about the already investigated wide rape practices carried out by the Sudanese militias. Of course we all know the regime unfounded believe   the charities may be helping prepare witnesses to give evidence against him if he is brought to trial in The Hague, but what so called   Islamist Aid agency director got to do with it? If that is not another wolf discarding his sheep skin. Although It was met with disbelief and dismay from many Sudanese aid workers its another prove the deployed so called national NGOs [non-government organisations] are nothing but GOs and politically motivated fanatics too.

 For the fact that some Islamist see raped women had to be interrogated first or deserve to be stoned than helped, then here is depressing and needed not to be whispered the victims in Darfur see these Islamist national organizations as the last resort to seek help from, and some at these displacement camps now   rejecting   all humanitarian assistance from them, in the hope that the expelled organizations would be allowed back soon. and goes without saying none of these local or national Islamist agencies will be able to access areas controlled by the rebels or inters some camps ,and after all they don't   have the resources to carry basic urgently needed life saving work there. And it seem we are about to witness a catastrophe without help of international agencies during the rain season .

For how long the dispossessed and the victims of Darfur to be played about or have to wait is not an academic question to be debated or negotiated, action to bring about justice and elevates suffering is what decent nations is all about..Mr

Hatim El-Madani*

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