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Watch out; is your transport fee to your voting centre available? By Atok Dan Baguoot
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Apr 6, 2010 - 6:43:10 AM

 Watch out; is your transport fee to your voting centre available?

By Atok Dan Baguoot

"A party of order or stability, and a party of progress or reform, is both necessary elements of a healthy state of political life."

Juba, 6th April, Now that, time has come for us to go to polls to choose leaders to represent us in various assemblies, in the republic palace, and the seat of the government of Southern Sudan as well as states governors up to the county councils and to the set of a normal functioning system which should either be what most of us had been yearning for a century. Definitely, what comes in mind is who to cast your precious vote to given the wealth of knowledge you had towards all these political parties and their flag bearers and what their political programs say about the wellbeing of your rural village.

The best I can tell you now is to check your pocket if it can take you where you are supposed to vote before time allocated for this rare occasion could come closer. In Southern Sudan and anywhere in the Sudan, governments concern will designate short leave period for this very function if you are working isolated from your voting centre, thus your pocket is your next permission after the government permission and never make a mistake to be transported by either a party or political candidate because they will influence your secret voting right.

Deep in the bottom of your heart is your personal witness, however, there are people who normally perplex in between decisions according to their psychical demands hence, leading to a poor result opposed to your really intended demand while knowing very that the mistake committed is none reversible. I know deep in your conscience, you might be confused who to vote for this time especially by the sudden withdrawal of the SPLM presidential candidate, Yasser Saeed Arman in the race with an ambiguous reason to the SPLM supporters.

Before that please, demand for public or press statement from the SPLM bosses like SG Pagan Amum to tell you who to vote for exactly or you continue voting Arman in absentia. It is our rural population which is naturally susceptible to this political ploys but let us be their good hope ambassadors so that we salvage this country from sliding back to the equivalent of those years where our country was the most active industry of the world refugees.

Unlike Darfur which is still producing millions and millions of human products without market, we need to swallow our traditional and ethnical pride and vote for a person who will cross us the black sea to the Promised Land of total liberty and freedom.

Because of freedom, mammoth of people have lost in the battle fields whereas you and I privileged to survive to accomplish the mission. Canít we do it? Those beautiful human beings who demised courageously to the enemy target opted to do so that generations and posterity appreciate and savor your historical contributions. ďA man worth none to live if he has not gotten what he will die for, after all malaria is another sickness that can claim your life without historyĒ consequently, men and women of integrity opted to die for a just cause, so what of you who is to vote wisely for a just cause only.

It is a known fact that several factors will determine your voting patterns but letís national civility and interest transcend above all these because it is the only living asset that your offspring will enjoy, let alone all those ill-looted money whose owners are in constant nightmares disturbances. Vote wisely and vote for future so that the past never occur in our life time. Collectively, we are able to change our future to what we like and even to the worst if.

Vote for the party that is weighty to shoulder your national burdens and vote for them who professed unity of the South and marginalised areas so that our cause is affected.

A rolling stone gathers no mass; therefore, watch out of those mobile and seasonal myopic political parties formed out of emotional resentments to derail the whole CPA in the fulfillments of their ill gotten wealth from the enemy. Some of these politicians are too mobile that they will renegade leaving the nation in disarray because of their long chronic behaviors.   Bring them they who would echo in the interest of Darfur, and bring them they who would whistle the blow for the Nuba people and South Blue Nile for they stood and they are with us in the implementation of the CPA while not forgetting them in the North who cherished the same philosophy of total liberation of the oppressed in the Sudan.

In the fall of 2008 up to January 2009, there was a massive fundraising by Arabs in Khartoum cities at all the vantage points to rescue Palestinians in the aftermath of their two weeks fight with Israel in which Palestine lost almost two thousand people and Israel 14 dead. Funds were raised in the name of helping people of Allah by then I was in Khartoum. On that very day I asked myself if Arabs can contribute money in Sudan to rescue people killed in another country while leaving million of masses suffering in Darfur under their regimes. Question of racism cropped in my mind and I thought of mobilizing Africans in Sudan against Arabs. Neither of them condemns what NCP does to the Africans in Sudan regardless of their religious affiliation so long they bore black identity.

In that contribution, NCP sent a consignment of 3 tons of medicine accompanied by 150 medical experts to Palestine, fortunately Israel intercepted it and the whole thing went missing. What they send to Darfur is bullets.  Arabs care much of their fellow Arabs in Middle East than the African Sudanese whom they shared the country. Our voting pattern must also reflect the same in order to embark on massive campaign of alleviating the sufferings of our kin and kith of Darfur, Nuba Mountains and South Blue Nile and Eastern Sudan if need be.  

The only body with strong muscles to do this could be SPLM because it has already gotten strong social base there since earlier 90s thus, donít just vote for the sake of voting but do it as something for historical impact. As referendum is waiting for us, we also need to leave something behind us in the north to engage NCP politically so that it does not capitalize on the fact that South Sudan which is its threat has seceded leaving those Africans vulnerable to them. This could only be effected by giving SPLM go ahead in the South, meanwhile they northern oppressed blacks try theirs because God helps those who help themselves. I hope, this is my best offer of the elections.

Atok Dan is a journalist working for Southern Sudan Radio and TV and can be reached at [email protected] or 0917221411/0121940975.








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