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The phenomenon of Independent Candidacy in South Sudan By Angelo Wol Mawien Dut
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Jan 26, 2010 - 5:04:32 PM

The phenomenon of Independent Candidacy in South Sudan

By Angelo Wol Mawien Dut


 Dear all:

The political unrest believed to be created by the so-called “democratic transformation” in Sudan and regarded as a pre-requisite for complete implementation of the CPA has without a doubt, threatened the SPLM political landscape in the south Sudan in the past few days. At this juncture, it appears that some politicians or those who would like to become politicians have overemphasized their unhappiness with SPLM primaries.  The dominant party in the region (SPLM) has its very foundation shaken in the wake of competing truth claims for what really happened during the preliminary process by the states electoral college, which concluded its duties on selecting successful candidates  and later was finalized by the SPLM Political Bureau. The decision to declare party nominees for the upcoming election has sparked willingness from unsuccessful candidates to seek political offices independently.  However, let us refresh our minds in defining the word Independent, its place in politics and then, discuss some of the potential advantages and disadvantages as general election looms.   

Possible definition:

In politics, an independent candidate may be referred to as a politician who is not directly affiliated with any political party.  An Independent candidate may hold a centrist perspective between popular and established political parties, perhaps, he or she  may envisioned a viewpoint contrary to what  major party addresses. In some instances, independent candidate has a varying degree of association with political party he or she belongs and yet, chooses not to stand under its label.

Some Advantages of political independence:

A massive move towards independent quest for political offices may be of great interest to voters if the motive is genuine in nature and has strong backing from the grassroots, since the desire for change is known to be one of the integral values in well-informed constituencies, there is a tendency to accept coordinated efforts that lead to change. In such societies, leaders are expected to relinquish their powers due to declining popularity and inefficiency as performance is being questioned. This notion reinforces they idea that people should be allowed to freely elect leaders of their choice. The expectations for what has to be accomplished are high and subjective to evaluation as time progresses. Additionally, such political denomination whether the incumbents or fresh politicians have something in common and are likely to present a sober and focused kind of agenda that addresses the change being demanded, failure to do so may result in early exit from political life. For example, the following question may be asked: are those who declared their intentions to run independently offered something unique or practical for the people they try to represent?  Does the proposed platform addresses MICRO OR MACRO TYPE OF ECONOMIC development needed for sustainable innovation, or is it simply a set of political doctrine?  Will the military might and its involvement in politics helped?  Or does it simply trigger unpleasant environment?  If the answer was yes, then you may want to start to celebrate what I may considered, the beginning of the political reformation in south Sudan giving what is happening now. The reformatory force that harbors both the old and new faces who claim to be working mutually for the political betterment. If the answer was No, then you may need to stoop celebrating and let us talk about disadvantages.

The possible disadvantages of Independent Candidacy:

In recent days, we have observed a wide spread desertification of the SPLM party for political independence. This phenomenon has clearly revealed true political turmoil, virtually in all of the southern states. Many SPLM prominent members and some senior SPLA generals fled the party and declared to run independently for either executive or legislative offices, neglecting the decision made by the highest organism in the party. The justifications might sound right; considering that they were intentionally excluded from primaries while they enjoy popularity in their respective constituencies. What is ironic though, is that since the south is not yet an independent state, a mere citizen, such as me my wonder if this political move means negative repercussions for the ruling party as well as that of people of south Sudan. For example, those brilliant men and women who see no future in SPLM establishment and therefore, decided to run independently, may finally joined other political powers or formed parties of their own to fertile soil for political ambitious they intend to pursue, leaving a hole in the wall. While people feel uncomfortable with overall function of the SPLM, the party should not be abandoned at this particular time; our people should not buy into rapid change before 2011. In deed, having an Army General (s) run independently may be an introduction of new perception of SPLA politicization at the time of crucial need of their service. Because, a strong and an unbiased army commanders are desired to once again dig trenches and waged wars in defense of our motherland.

Personal Perspective:

I think that this volcanic shock that has shaken the very foundation of people’s movement should not be seen as a celebratory atmosphere by unsatisfied members of the party, but rather, it should be viewed as a ground to correct, embarked and revitalized the idea that political positions are by and large insignificance compare to common good. This means that old and new politicians must be in a position to give up something they hold dear for the sake of our collective strength. Since we are still a partial entity that operate within the framework of united Sudan, one may need to take a moment to think about the fact that when south Sudan votes for independence, that independency should be your passport that allows you to reject all political exploitations of the elites if there were any, and start to explore political independence in an independent soil that rewards people based on ability. You will then be crowned to rein in a true sovereign land.

1. Are you able to give up anything of that kind for the sake of our fallen heroes and heroines, who sacrificed their precious lives for you and me?

2. Does 2011 sounds like a distance from planet earth to Milky-Way galaxy?

3. What about all those painful years you have lived without political choice!!!

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