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The merit of democratic Transformation-by- Anwar Yousif Arabi- Sudan
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Dec 24, 2009 - 9:58:48 PM

     No boady would believe that the political situation in Sudan go that bad way, since the signing of CPA our beloved country has come across many hard bleeding situations that are about to blow up all efforts that have been exerted in the area of peace and demcracy,some polticians are playing dirty game to bring down any sign of integration between North and south Sudan they are working busily to sow the seeds of seditions or in another way to bring our country back to sequare 1 which simply means announcing the state of war between the north and the south, perhaps they have no any other profession other than trading in wars, those who ever try to spoil relations and ties between the national political figures they should be removed away from the centre of decision making , because the harm which will be caused by them can not be easily resolved under this deteriorating political situation, it is high time that we should think deeply about the future of our country land away from negative personal trends and we should work hand to hand to stabilize the rule of the absent demoracy so as to build a modern state based on freedoms and respect to minorities rights and the fair and equal distrbution to power and wealth, so the role of traditional political leaders is to contribute with their views and experiences in the political ground so as to pave the way to young future leaders to handle their national responsibility, and also it is strongly urged upont the national unity government to abide by the international agreements that had breviously been signed in the life the great african hero former president of government of south Dr. john grang in which the refrandum and some other closey related issues had been inclusive such as the democratic transformation. the fact that the government (National Congress) should strongly be committed to the issue of democratic transformation , peaceful demonstrations should not be suppressed since the demonstratees are expressing their legal rights which is ensured by law and constiution and they are not targeting any vital interests of the state, the stationary powers should be impartial and their role will be confined to the achievement of justice and should not be influenced by the excutive authority , police forces should not be inclusive in the political issues its role should only be as stated in the interim national constiutions to maintain peace and order as well as the security which role should only be within the limits of collecting infomation, evaluating and affording them to the competent authority to take the appropariate measures and they should not be used as supporting forces to beat the civilians in peaceful demonstrations.
   O leaders let us speak out , let us work hand to hand to stabilize the rule of law and give  the merits of the demcratic transformation out of our personal trends and desires , let us together contribute in forming the state of peace and democracy.
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