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The elections is big joke BY Kamal Farah Osman
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Jan 10, 2010 - 1:51:05 PM

First those people you talk about them.Farouk Abu Issa .Turabi. d / Osman. All of them they are nonsense on the elections,they have got many chance but they couldn't use it in manner way so please sister don't try to attract other people by writing.Actually we know them very well.Just they want finish Sudanese people one by one.They didn't care about any Sudanese just about them self.them  behaviour that is not honest or legal  especially by the people in official positions they are corruption.On Principal we need to react as young people for the different not all the time  the old idea  lead us or  guide us,we should learn from the 20 years something.If you are not from the official position you have no place in the country to survive.That why we need to put it down to experience.Also we don't have to underestimate another people we are all we have right  to participate on or country.please try to be more realistically.we need to rearrange or generation again and again.I believe this the time for a change to better future for or country.but not by choosing the old machine again.Al Bashir is old machine/Farouk Abu Issa is old machine.Turabi is old machine. d / Osman was use by the old machine.SPLM they are big corruption.Ali Osman Mohamed Taha-extremists person. al-Mahdi is old machine to.And the  Umma al-Mahdi he didn't fought alone to give this country the independence the achievement was by the Sudanese people.
just he was the leader not more then that and we respect him very well.but  not the al-Mahdi family today.However there a lot to say but i will leave it for the right time.we need peace peace peace
Kamal Farah Osman

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