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The Succession for South Sudan is not a Secret Agenda By Beny Gideon Mabor
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Sep 19, 2009 - 11:18:50 AM

The Succession for South Sudan is not a Secret Agenda

 By Beny Gideon Mabor

Many writers have discussed the agenda of unity and separation in the
Sudan as a result of the up coming 2011 A.D Referendum exercise to be
conducted in witness of the International Community and the world but
some analyst lack sustentative discussion and construction of the
argument itself. However, this author will make summary analysis on
this matter.

   Although I felt sick of malaria when I heard the National Congress
party and Khartoum Administration dragging feet on the Referendum
Bill/2009 the very national legislation and instrument that will allow
South Sudanese to determined their destiny to whether they will chose
to remain second class citizens in their own ancestral land of the
Sudan or secede as independent nation while still maintaining our good
foreign relations where if any, this author may some time become South
Sudan Ambassador to North Sudan or whatever nation state  it is gong
to be.

   After having read all the constraints surrounding the passing of
the Referendum Bill/2009 and without prejudice to the provisions of
the Sudan Comprehensive Peace Agreement CPA/2005, Interim National
Constitution INC/2005 and the Interim Constitution of Southern Sudan
ICSS/2005 respectively that granted the later enactment of the
Referendum law and all the governing rules of procedures, the
following question is ask to the concern legislative organ and
National Government  that is the Referendum law not one of the
CPA/2005 requirement in favor for the people of Southern Sudan and
that they may secede or not in 2011A.D and if  the answer is
affirmative then what are these unforeseen difficulties conditioning
the  passing of this decisive legal instrument that shall put to an
end  the Sudan political complication

Enough is enough the Interim period as trust and confident building
has convince us beyond reasonable doubt the unattractiveness of a
united Sudan where Southerners have never been part of it since 1947
Juba conference and 1965 Khartoum Round table conference and again in
the current CPA/2005 that stipulate southern Sudan option for unity
and separation in 2011 A.D. Nevertheless, this is not time our leaders
will be forces again like those days to sing the song of unity more
then any and also  not time when we will be disunite gain on political
lines over power struggle to fail the cause for the people of Southern
Sudan which Khartoum administration in circumstances took opportunity
to rue us in their favor. There is no convenience for the how the
peace shall be made attractive this way where Government of Southern
Sudan officials gets their monthly salary at the end of another unpaid
month and  lack  key social services.

   This is not because Government of Southern Sudan institutions
though heavily blame of corruption scandal not to deliver the said
services and development to the people but the very 50% net oil share
in doubt is unable to allocate these services including but not
limited to salary and operation cost leave alone development budget.
The publics keep blindly blaming the government of southern Sudan for
failing but there is silent threat of human, technical and economic
resources being centralize in Khartoum.

   Therefore, I am privilege to borrow the statement of our veteran
politician and freedom fighter Uncle Eliaba James Surur and appeal for
it implementation that" Sudan shall and will never be the same again",
Similarly, the succession for Southern Sudan is not a secret agenda
being a procedural requirement in the provisions of Article 2.5
CPA/2005, Article 219 of the INC/2005 and Article 9(1) of the
ICSS/2005 respectively.

This is personal statement and does not represent any level of
Government in the Sudan

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