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Articles and Analysies «Š’›Õ… «Šŕ—»Ū… Last Updated: Jan 4, 2010 - 9:28:00 AM

The Removal of Bor Generals in the Army is the Worst case Scenario in the Movement and in the System of the SPLA policy BY: Francis Chagai Bol, CANADA

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The Removal of Bor Generals in the Army is the Worst case Scenario in the Movement and in the System of the SPLA policy

BY: Francis Chagai Bol , CANADA                       


What is the Point of trying to become the President if you are not determined to be a Great President Mr. Salva Kiir Mayardit?        

The removal of more than seven generals from Bor Community in just one day alone has caught and shocked the public with a great disappointment. The Generals who served the interest of the movement for years did not go to bush for the interest of Bor community. They left their residences in Bor or other areas with the mission to fight the enemy. They went and participated individually in the movement until the days they became the SPLA officers in war zones.

Mr. President, it was not long ago when you, the same President, dismissed the very loyal officers who committed themselves to serve the Southerners. You dismissed them and after few months later; you came to realize that the decision you made was wrong. The Public by then thought that you might have had an experience of taking the wrong decision in the wrong time.

The removal of these Generals or Makuei Deng and Wal A. Madol and so forth is very rare scenario and itís the usual continuation of tribal appointment decree Mr. President Salva Kiir in your feeding centre of GoSS in Juba . For it is the extreme of savagery to seek for and rejoice in risking and victimizing one communityís members within the movement; I am calling upon your esteemed authority to release the evidences and the reasons why these officers were dismissed in different offices in police community.

Frankly speaking; it is very clear nowadays that the time you are wasting by creating problems (war of food and hatred) within your own army is a very crucial time to organize the forces and share the very fruit of success with the people who fought side by side with you during the war of struggle. It is an ideal time we should strive for unity, peace with justice and acceptance of individuals.   The purpose of spurring tribal interest has been sidetracked since day one in your ruling time because there is no government that can dismiss its generals and individuals without clear evidence.

But, know one thing that the hate will remain a tragic fact of South Sudan history because you are indeed teaching the public of how to hate each other and how one can employ his or her relatives in government positions when he/she becomes president of Southern Sudan at any time.

One thing you should know is that you must not turn yourself to the real people who fought aggressively against the enemy while you failed to handle the insecurity in Jonglei State where the SPLM/SPLA was found as well as around the ten states and things that are supposed to be negotiated with the NCP.

We had lost all borders demarcation through your fake acceptance of general Census without determination of our borders, and yet all the demands that were signed in your presence were also violated. Instead of fighting the things that we had lost to the enemy; you turned again victimizing the people who stand firm and wait the result of your failure to confront the enemy.

The enemy is in our backyard yet; and do not fail to understand their role and tactic that they are doing in Sudan . One of the examples was the Abyei that the enemy forces had almost captured. They were the men in uniform who died in the battle rather than you the politicians or your regional people.

Had it not been the fact that you are an inexperienced President and one who lacks skills of politics, one would say that Kiir is failing his own government intentionally because the things you do reflect the great failure of your government. It is obvious recently that you are not ďa military expertise nor a Politician by career.Ē You have turned the government of South Sudan as a regional feeding centre in Juba , and yet your tribal decree is not stopping until today.

Consequently; you must know that history never forgives people. You are now doing it as a back up policy to your regional people but in days or years to come, these tribal considerations will hurt you and hurt the other innocent individuals within the very region you thought and brought up as a kingdom of South Sudan .

Where are your promises Mr. President? When you took this leadership chair, you indicated to the public that you will follow the vision and the objective of the SPLM as a party. Where are your promises? Are your promises to dismiss the Bor people from their own positions while they did nothing wrong? The removal of Bor generals from different units of police has not come as surprise to me and one should not take it serious to think about why it happened and why you made such a decision of course. You have been victimizing people of Bor for long and most of the Bor sons know that your number one enemy is now the Bor people.

But we had not done anything and never termed us as your enemy. If you fail to handle the leadership of the country, you would not turn yourself to us nor to the other people because you have your own mentality to master your plans and administration; if not, would it be our problem?

Years ago, you had advertized the SPLA Affairs Ministerial post in the Chol Muongís love-style by cheating the current Governor of Jonglei State, Mr. Kuol Manyang Juuk, as the right man for position. The same scenario was used to convince the others that the position of Minister for SPLA affairs is good for Mr. X while you advertized in Warrap State for Nhial Deng Nhial. After the rumors circulated around, you turned your back to the person whom you advertized for the post and hiring Nhial Deng Nhial for the position without informing the current governor about the change of the decision. Within that day, I knew that Kiir is fighting a wrong war against Bor Community through his tribal decree appointments which are always against the principal of the government.

The removal of General Makuei Deng alone and General Wal A. Madol among others generals from the police community is a clear sign of tribal system in Kiirís government in Juba . On Thursday December 31, 2009, General Salva Kiir Mayardit has issued his usual tribal decree which is also known as the presidential decree number 149/2009, appointing the well known corruptors; Lt General Achuil ManolĖdit Tito as Southern Sudan Police inspector General. He also appointed Lt General Abel Makoi Wol as South Sudan Director General for Prisons and correctional service and Major General Andrew Monydeng Kuot as Deputy. Will these Lt. Generals change the situation than the Bor Generals you hate in your administration?

Frankly; the public and the citizens of the Bor were wondering to what change Lt. General Achuil Manol-dit of Kapoeta can make. Lt. General Acuil Manol allegedly used to keep gold in thousands of tins in Kapoeta. All these tons of gold were later caught from him while on the run when he was defeated by the Sudan army because of lack of strategies. His failures and corruption activities are well acknowledged and he could not do anything rather than to speed up the corruption activities in the assigned areas.

Indeed when he was a commanding (zonal) officer in Kapoeta, the town was captured without any resistance from his forces because the men in uniform were severely malnourished due to the fact that he allegedly controlled all food items for his personal wealth; exchanging the food items for gold with the local civilians of the areas. Today, Lt. General Cuil Manol is the right hand man and a man whom Salva Kiir thought that he is the best choice. What change will the relatives of Mr. Kiir Mayardit make without the presence of others in the government of south Sudan ? Is it not a joke if not a shame on you Mr. President?

Kiir Mayardit was known before all these messes came up because he has clearly informed the public that he is going to make the region of Bhar El Ghazal the better home. You can also know from the things he is doing such as location of Oil refinery to Warrap State as if the Bentiu or Great Upper Nile has no land to build the refinery in it. His objective is that all beneficiaries will be the community of his home town and all customers will build their own business in the same Warrap State , while forgetting that transporting oil from from Bentiu to Warrap State is too costly for the country to do so.

It might perhaps be worthy to know that Kiir's interest is to build the region of Warrap and himself. The same mistake has repeated itself during the time he bought the so-called doctorate degree when the time people of Abyei were on the run. Children starved to death and most of the wounded individuals severely suffered because there was lack of medicine while Kiir was on trip to buy an honorary certificate of doctorate with $100,000 dollars in Great Lake University in Kisumu, Kenya.

Is this leader standing for the public interest? The $100,000 dollars he used to buy a paper would have helped the situation and re-opeed other institutions that were closed down due to the lack of funding such as Dr. John Garang Institute of Science and Technology in Bor, Jonglei State .

The removal of our brave, loyal and charismatic generals whose commitments and talents have contributed to enormously to the success in Juba has proved Mr. Kiirís tribal considerations beyond recognition.

Hence, I would like to direct my question to the former first lady and the lady of hero, Dr. John Garang, Madame Rebecca Nyandeng De Mabior. Why are you watching the children throwing the best golden cups, plates and salts of our movement at each other in the kitchen while sitting in a chair watching a television that has no sound or broadcasting news to the people of Southern Sudan since 2005 to these days? Where are those of Mr. Micheal Makuei Lueth, the Chairman of Greater Bor Community as well as the Jonglei State Governor Mr.Kuol Manyang Juuk?

The reason why I want to question their job is because they all claim to be among those cooks in the feeding centre of Mr. Kiir Mayardit in Juba, but when you asking them about the types of foods being cooked in that kitchen such as this removal of our generals; they donít know anything at all about it. My question here is what types of cooks are they in that Regional feeding centre of President Salva Kiir Mayardit?       

In the end, the removal of these generals who were sent to retirement without explanation of coup attempt against the president is pure nepotism, corruption in nature and kind of wrong doing in the Movement. It is one of the most primitive and unthinkable case ever done in any history unless there is a clear message of crime, otherwise the removal of such huge number from one community of Bor as their names can tell below is a total crime and case to be fought in the court of laws. The names of the well known officers from one community are as follow:

1        LT. Gen. Makuei Deng Majuc, (Inspector General of the South Sudan Police)

2         LT. Gen. Wal Athieu Madol, (Undersecretary in the ministry of interior)

3         LT. Gen. Kuol Ajak Deng, (Director for administration, South Sudan prisons service)

4         LT. Gen. Mathiang Aluong, (Director for administration, South Sudan police)

5         LT. Gen. Machar Akau, ( South Sudan spokesperson)

6         LT. Gen. John Diing Deng (Jonglei state prison chief).

7         LT. Gen. Reuben Garang Yuol (Director for training, South Sudan prisons).

Happy New Year and May God bless these Generals!

'And let the SPLM   continue abandoning her baby and takes the monkey's baby,'' according to Mr   comrade Lual Diing Wol

Francis Chagai Bol is a Southern Sudanese and a former SPLA member of Red Army Battalion. He can be reached at   [email protected]

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