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The Not Inevitable War in Sudan: Goss vs. NPC By: Dr. Mohamed N Bushara
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May 5, 2010 - 8:19:12 AM

The Not Inevitable War in Sudan: Goss vs. NPC
By: Dr. Mohamed N Bushara
No matter who won the elections, there is no doubt that there will be great despair & uncertainty in the Sudanese political seen.  There will be a war between the southern Sudan & Sudan northern states in the coming years in the path to fully implementing the CPA.  The games of messing around between the northern Shariia State and the most Christian & animist south are over.  The two partners in the so-called unity government who have been forced into sleeping together by the landmark peace agreement (CPA) are now preparing for the end of the road.  Southerners are seriously considering break up from the central northern-government.  In post election reflections, they were told that it is up to the people of the south to choose what they want.
Many observers believe that the National Congress Party (NPC) is still insisting on building an Islamic nation out of Sudan that will eventually transmute the entire East & Central African into an empire of Muslims stronghold.  Whether that was used as an ideology or campaign gimmick is remains to be seen.  Whether it was ideology or otherwise, southerner do not see themselves living under Shariia State “Dowlat Al Shariia” as second class citizens. 
There has been continual bickering & internal stifle between the two partners for almost 5 years.  On occasions, they bad mouth each other, whereas in other times the GoSS members walked out in protest of some sort.  In most of these instances, the finger clearly pointed at the NPC Neocons who represent the party’s proxy in segregating the south & western people, & rule the so-called Hamdi Triangle.  There are so many things unsettled between these two partners that make the January 2011 referendum very hard to achieve.  Border demarcation between the north & south, Blue Nile State, Nuba Mountains/Southern Kordofan, and Abyei and most importantly the possession of the shared oil fields are few of th items on the table need resolution. 
But suddenly the fact cats in the system realized that now they are in the government for sometime & there are no other resources than oil to feed their greed.  Now they are scrambling to make the fix and convince the southerners of the attractiveness of unity.  The road to 2011 referendum would not be as smooth as expected by many.  With these oustading issues including involement of other Sudanese from outside the NPC & SPLA ellites, coupled with the need for oil money & renewed control of the south, there will be a ruthless war in Sudan beginning with perhaps assassinations in the center.  The only way out is to delay the refrendum while costructing an alliance government for all, which would address  grievances of all Sudanese.

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