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The Islamist at it again…the biggest ever robbery in Sudan history BY Hatim El-Madani*
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May 5, 2009 - 11:41:06 AM

The Islamist at it again…the biggest ever robbery in Sudan history 

(No more talk and condemnations, its time to throw away our pens and chalks and find  an AK47 if we to save the country and to deal with this despicable shameless  Mafia) said my old teacher and longtime friend with seriousness that sent a shiver  through my spine., echoing not long ago similar expressions of frustration by rebel commanders in Darfur and now growingly in the center and the north.

I don’t know where to start but the lengthy analysis conversations’ with many trusted none partisans  independent individuals like him from all walk of live back in Sudan has left me not just in state of anger and disbelieve but with no shred of doubt this ruthless government has  no shame, principle or it subscribe to whatever moral to reasons them with.

Forget about the government new propaganda camping drive the Sadam’s famous (deck of cards) has to be printed out, and call for practical concrete  actions have to start now or Sudan people long suppressed anger will turn it to another  Somalia no doubt.

Just for example while the international community and the Sudanese last month holding their breath in anticipation to the   indictment of Bashir and speculating about his vigilante reactions, his cheap in kind  vultures’ Mafia were executing an unbelievable robbery, it was well planned a few months earlier, knowingly they are about to  disband for good sooner or later ,their appointed puppets rushed through the last working days in parliaments then a law that will  enable their Islamists bankers crooks and their Arab financial backers to control and own  the first in the world and the largest ever irrigated agricultural state owned lands 300km  long, the size of south Britain known as ( Sudan Al-Jazzira Agriculture project). Founded by the British  in early 1925 and owned by the Sudanese government since, that employs about 600  thousands workers from all over the country and produces 65% of Sudan agricultural  products and 2/3 of its exports up to 1980.

Then in a well coordinated rehearsed announcements the northern states governors allocated heritage and freehold lands and tribal inheritance locations along the Nile to unknown Saudis and other Arab investors' in return of nothing other than promises to farm them, where such generosity never heard of anywhere and certainly not in the Arab world or Saudi Arabia.

A move showed clearly Bashir Mafia is not driven by ideology or believes that they will  stand to fight for but are a punch of thugs, fraudulent and thieves ransacking the house  before fleeing.

This attempt to steal (Al-Jazzira) state land and the northern states Riviera lands along the Nile wasn’t out of the blue it’s unfinished  robbery by the same Mafia that started also in the last days of the dying regime then in 1984 when Bashir Mafia then joined the  former dictator Numairi’s government and invited with them their infamous Islamist Arab  Banks then, they tried to legislate through another infamous parliament of puppets a creation known as (El-Itihad  El-Ishtraki) many laws to gain access to the state owned lands on the ground of national interest but they were defeated on the  Field’s by the farmers and workers united oppositions to their dirty tricks, since then they  deliberately after controlling by all means of deceptions and frauds most of the eastern provinces  ministry of forestry and  agricultures lands, they moved to reduce Al-Jazzira project and its farmers to a begging  followers with aggressive clampdown on the farmers unions and the project  administration and blacked mail its leaders by creating phony sideline unions falsely to represent them it’s known trade mark trick by the Islamist to control and domesticate every existed workers unions in Sudan.

Their robbery of the eastern provinces agriculture lands and output are well  documented, and became known as the (Durah traders Islamist Banks scam) that led to the starvations and the death of two millions people dependents on it, Sudanese and Ethiopians and as far as Chad during that time, despite an outcry by all Sudanese activist to stop them well before it happen but that fall on deaf international community ears whom ended up later picking the consciousness of their inactions with lauded actions like Live Aid and so on, and the whole crime blamed on the drought and followed up persecutions files are lost or closed mysteriously when the Islamist managed to install Dr Turabi as head of the Justice ministry during Sadiq Al-Mahadi government.

And the Islamists got away with it then as they did previously during the 70’s nationalizations of foreign assets in Sudan, where they later during this government most of them openly admitted shamefully to the media they were behind it and they gained illegally all that foreign assists which is now their Khartoum houses and companies.

Bashir Islamist Mafia knows their time has come to answer for too many crimes and are set upon to steal as much of the state assets and gives their bankers and cronies total control of the country, where in case of their departure these Saudi and Gulf States registered banks simply will siphons Sudan balance a broads or if here god forbid they got away with it again they can be a financial force to control and blackmail any feature national government as they did when thrown away previously, the plan can not be much clear than that despite the cover up, and  the Sudanese people here are warned  if this (Al-Jazzira) robbery or the Northern State lands allocations too went ahead  the farmer should know they are an employee to the Sudanese people tax payers and are not entitled to sell its employers assets if they do they are helping them stealing their country, and they should also know this a sinister tricks by this Mafia where is to give them the ownership of the land first  so that will make them accomplice and they of course will not be able to farm it alone without the  only permitted financier the Islamist Banks finances and here where the trick await them and the purchase of the land from them will legitimize its ownership by this Mafia..let us be clear here the people of Sudan never elected anyone of the present puppet parliament members or states governors and they have no right to legislate or award public ownership assets to no one, any country that will use the chaos now in Sudan to obtain any Sudanese land should know its deed or contract with them is void soon as this Mafia depart.

And before even I was tempting to proof read these scribed notes or further analyses this robbery implication on the people and farmers there  I was shocked to read a debate between  Al-Jazzira's young  online chatters  announcing the formation of Al-Jazzira's son's  armed movement, a disturbing call for arming its farmers for direct action against the government, I wouldn't  have taken notice of such anger debate if the persons are unknown to me but if this were laud disgruntles to be dismissed then the open debate hosted by Al-Sehafa daily have come to the same conclusion that the transfer of land ownership is a ticking bomb, although this was during the time the new law was sneakily pushed through the puppets parliament but again the warning just last few weeks by the representatives of Medani ,El-Managil and El-Hurga section farmers to the government about the already started confiscation of their lands and the false promises to reimburse them, and they went further in calling for an upraise and protests during the coming May in Khartoum is another proof about our concerns.

There is also more than this to what is boiling beneath the surface in Sudan and the unheard of malpractices by this Mafia . As few months ago also reported some Sudanese crooks are touting in the shadowy market  Banks formations licensees bearing the central Bank of Sudan signatures and stamps in the Gulf States and the far east it also became clear the Sudan Mafia are not just laundering money in an international scale but are threatening the country existents and instituting a different kinds of Talibans financials Shikhs’ that they will turns to warlords and inevitably Somalia’s kinds of clans.

We beg the international community to act fast and circumvent any money transfers from or to Sudan and total travel ban other wise we have lost Sudan forever to another but powerful Taliban before we even defeated the first one.

Saudi Arabia and the Gulf-States have to shoulders their responsibility to what is happening in Sudan they know very well its their extremist money that freely and with no monitors been siphoned forth and back to destabilize many countries around and its time we all have to stand up for them and ignore the usual cry when they hide behind the Vail of Islam. Before we kiss civilization in Sudan goodbye Its now or never.

Hatim El-Madani*

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