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The Attempt on Dr. Kwaje’s Life Smells as Political! By: Dr. Justin Ambago Ramba, MD.
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Nov 25, 2009 - 12:06:34 AM

The Attempt on Dr. Kwaje’s Life Smells as Political!

By: Dr. Justin Ambago Ramba, MD.


Last Sunday, the   15th   of November 2009, South Sudan   witnessed yet another attempt at a political assassination when the vehicle of the SPLM’s senior official and GoSS minister of Agriculture was reportedly have been attacked along the Wonduruba – Lanya road while on an election mobilization mission.

Though Dr. Kwaje escaped the attack only with any injury to his right arm, unfortunately the loss of other four lives still that include his driver and body guard and the wounding of five other people marks the whole event as the beginning of a bloody election season yet to be witnessed in other parts of the country and especially so in the semi – autonomous South Sudan where insecurity is rife and the law enforcement still at its most rudimentary stage.

* *** Already another politician, the late spokesperson of the Women’s Desk in the dominant National Congress Party (NCP) Mrs. Mariam Biringi was assassinated in the remote western town of Yambio in the Western Equatoria State (WES) barely ninety days ago by unknown gunmen. The findings of the investigations which were reluctantly started are yet to be made public if any.

The culture of impunity that has dominated the politics and government performance in the semi-autonomous South Sudan , has given way to the emergence of gun crimes almost in every part of the region. However the area where H.E Dr Kwaje was attacked remains to be one of the most secured areas in the entire South Sudan . The widespread possession of firearms by the local indigenous population or the existence of any local armed militia groups for that matter are   things never heard of in this particular   county. Apparently the only group of people to roam about carrying guns would most likely be either regular government forces and to a less extend the Ugandan LRA. But of course the heavy presence of the SPLA soldiers and some loyal armed citizens who enjoy the former’s (SPLM/A) approval, blessing and support, however strongly puts the GoSS agents as possible culprits.

To be very specific, I do not entertain the idea that the attack would have been carried out by the Pojulu people, nor by people loyal to the National Congress Party (NCP) of the fugitive President al Bashir or any other local South Sudanese political groups. If we ask the locals, they obviously know those who criss-cross the area with their rifles hanging carelessly on their shoulders. But of course to strictly target the minister who was on a political mission connected with the run up for the forth coming elections is destined to arouse many eye brows.

Again, whatsoever the motivations behind this attack would be, the fingers do not point far from the SPLM party itself. This dominant party (SPLM) in Southern Sudan has a complete control over the security and runs a tight intelligence network all over the region. This party’s hand in what is happening in South Sudan should not just be pushed aside as if we are in a no man’s land. GoSS is a government like any other government in the world, and though it may be the worse and the weakest as far as good governance is concerned, it is still to be held responsible for the security of its citizens.

At this point I would like to shade light on what people in South Sudan take for guaranteed. We know that crime exists every where, and politically motivated crimes are not a monopoly of any particular community in the world. I also want us to come to terms in accepting that, state sponsored crimes are also existing realities especially so in areas undergoing post-war political upheavals. All these are waiting for us outside there whenever we step outside our fortified residences and safe cocoons in the big towns. These are some of the many real challenges that await our law makers in the South Sudan Legislative Assembly (SSLA) and the State Assemblies all over the ten states, that the failure they demonstrated in establishing a competent executive government institutions will possibly cost them their lives when they return to their respective constituencies to campaign and run in the forth coming elections.

History is now busy recording one of most chaotic government performances that is unfolding in Southern Sudan . And to pretend that all is well has in fact reached its limits as the rulers themselves are now resorting to settle their scores by the bullets before the ballots. More will reveal itself to the public as days go and the anticipated investigations if at all conducted in a professional way will yet yield findings that many government pockets would wish to keep in the dark.

May be it is time that all concerned South Sudanese citizens start looking beyond today and into the future and try to imagine the security situations in the region in the aftermath of this coming elections. It can not be overstressed that all events that   are to proceed the general elections are bent to carry along with them   a lot of uneasiness to all,   including those politicians who would want to change the current status quo which only benefits a few. Nevertheless in the name of fulfilling the CPA, we are bound to go on with the elations despite the fact that the complex nature of the voting process in itself carries the obvious entry to creating disappointments when many of the votes may end up being disqualified due to errors that goes back to voters illiteracy, ignorance and intolerance to the other rival political groups.

Apparently once it all gets out hand, no one can be considered any safer. When it comes to dirty politics, where the government itself is straddled with corruption, any one becomes a legitimate target once the secrets of the inner circles including that of the God Father himself are at stake. To keep the lids in place, some friends unfortunately may have to be sacrificed. How closer or how high you are in the system may not matter any longer.

I can only conclude my message here by extending my heart felt condolences to the relatives of those who lost their lives in this brutal and cowardice attack. May God Almighty rest the lives in Eternal Peace!


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