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The $2.7 Billion Scandal: Where's the Southern Parliament? BY. Isaiah Abraham, JUBA
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Nov 5, 2009 - 7:36:28 AM

The $2.7 Billion Scandal: Where's the Southern Parliament?

BY. Isaiah Abraham, JUBA


The Minister for Finance in the Government of Southern Sudan (GOSS) has just revealed yet again another financial scam of this government in the tune of US$2.7 billion (5.4 billion Sudanese Pounds), on the so-called grain contracts allegedly from the previous Finance Minister, Mr. Kuol Athian Mawien schemes.

According to the Finance Minister, his investigation has just stumbled on the matter out of the blue, something his predecessor's Report never revealed. Hon. Bari-Wanji, the matter has been passed unto you, if the minister word on Monday is anything to believe, kindly dig deep and hook the culprits now!


But the scandal has caught the Southern public by big surprise if not shock, after nearly all the departments have similar cases of graft allegations or say practices. People have a lot to tell on the ongoing campaign to loot, assuming that their government would one day 'sleep on the right side' and say enough is enough.

Someone must be fixed on these corruptions to send a message to those are think they are immune or say of evil mindset among our society. To date, unfortunately, thanks to the regime that sees nothing, hears nothing or do nothing, no one on the allegation or implicated has been locked behind bars, until investigation proves them otherwise.


Now, who is going to deny here that we have a self serving government by a clique of individuals who allotted themselves financial impunity, against the will of the majority. Those who feel that this is their government and it's their right to go on a looting spree and still get away with it, must be stopped by none other than the great House.

Who in his right mind would again trust this clique of trained crooks, whose decadence in government is documented all over the world where they have stepped with dollars hanging in their pockets? Where on earth will you find a government annual budget of $2 billion and the same system is ready to enter into contract with dubious contractors without an approval from the Parliament?

Imagine a few months ago, we were in trouble as to cash related scams on similar routes (fortunately papers didn't pick it up), but today we are almost going the same root. I have come to believe that there is no political aura from the top to fight this war called corruption. Last year we had huge financial reserves and today the minister has another language, what a crooked government here!


I don't think we need to waste time crying in silence about what we should do against Kiir's corrupt and weakling regime run by a few.

The government officials from the top to the bottom stand charged and you, the Parliamentarians, have given them all the leeways. You have stopped doing your duties impartially and according to your mandate.

Everyone is wondering what's the problem even to notable individuals (fierce debaters) such as Jimmy Wongo, Richard Mulla, Nyaulang Stephen, Gabriel Matur, Daniel Woor, Bari Wanji among others. You have the ability to bring sanity to the government and the need to account those responsible for crimes even crimes of omission.


Please impeach Mr. Kiir, let him go home, his regime has run amok and he should be stopped. What do you really think had gone wrong there in this particular scandal? Do you think the top doesn't know the disappearance of that huge amount?

Tell us, he isn't aware and we will bet by Machiavelli theory! How come that he has so much interest here and there in the names of his close associates?

Don't leave any stone unturned on this matter of the $200 million that has already been paid. The Ministry has confessed that they don't have anything behind (receipts). This is purely a theft and someone therefore must be accounted.


On the agreement on Referendum 2011, it's something we don't think could be done by Southerners. They have allied themselves with Northerners to betray our course in a very big way this time about. To them, the Vice President's efforts were his personal and must be smacked in his face.

Dear Parliamentarians, you must show yourselves guardians of the peoples aspirations; you are a strong arm of the government, we know what you have achieved thus far. You indeed contributed much, only that no one is ready to operationalize or put your ideas down to work.

There is no political will anywhere. We beseech you, Honorable Member,s here then to rise above your tribal closets and rescue our people from this senseless clique that calls itself a government. We are hearing them refusing to accept the Machar-Taha agreement on the Referendum on baseless grounds. Don't take side on what is happening in the Executive, there is more than what catchs the eye. Its just stark politics.


We ask you to take charge and let the process leading to the Referendum go ahead unhindered. Elections exercise must not be curtailed because of some scores we want to unleash. Boycott at this point is defeatist and wrong! There is no time to play such game. After all the NCP won't stop working nor the House won't be closed due to SPLM absence.

The party we all loved has lost direction and no longer in control. They are in the pockets of foreigners who are out to deny us our rights because supposedly the regime change theory will deny Al Bashir a legitimacy in the April slated elections.

We are in dire need of leadership at this time, you are here to help us out. From everywhere we are a besieged nation (financially, politically, developmentally or security-wise, protection of our own lives and property and so on). Dr. Machar, Guandit, don't be discouraged, help the parliamentarians!


Down with Kiir, yes to change!

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