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Articles and Analysies Last Updated: Dec 20, 2009 - 3:34:53 PM

Stop the SPLM from Sowing the Seeds of Dictatorship in South Sudan.By: Dr. Justin Ambago Ramba, M.D.

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Stop the SPLM from Sowing the Seeds of Dictatorship in South Sudan .


By: Dr. Justin Ambago Ramba, M.D.


As the US administration has already expressed its concerns about the credibility of the elections in the Sudan come 2010, it is time that the whole south Sudanese masses come out with efforts to improve the outcome of this major CPA bench marker. At the least they need to show that they do care and that the matter does concern them as it rightly concerns the US , European Union, African Union and all the other stake holders.


If we ALL strongly believe that it is only through fair, transparent and credible elections that we can have a democratic transformation in the Sudan , then we better watch out that the way our leaders have lately chosen to deal with the other opposition parties is in fact not to the interest of south Sudan .


Southern Sudan   have always blamed    the widespread   insecurities shaking our beloved south Sudan as   the work of the enemy who wants to tarnish the picture of south Sudanese as people not fit enough to rule themselves. Well, the point here is actually not that we are being able to rule ourselves or not, but it should rather be the quality of rule we are currently offering to our people.


Now that the SPLM which is the ruling party in south Sudan, has chosen to exactly walk in the same foot steps of its northern counterparts by similarly resorting to the undemocratic alienation of other south Sudanese political groups, for the simple reason that it (SPLM) is now in the ruling seat, is in fact setting a horrible precedence for the future of democracy in the region, should it become an independent state in the near future.


Any one who is keen enough to see a peaceful co-existence and plurality in south Sudan should step forwards to denounce the letter written by the GoSS to the governors directing them to unconstitutionally sever their services to other fellow south Sudanese, be them members of the party the SPLM loves to hate (SPLM – DC) or any others. This is in contradiction to the oath that they took before taking up offices.


The letter signed by Dr Luka Monoja Tombekana, the GoSS Minister for Cabinet Affairs on the 9th of November 2009 was no doubt   NOT only intended to create a non conducive environment for the dissident SPLM – DC party of the former Foreign Affairs minister, Dr. Lam Akol Ajawin from operating freely in the southern states, BUT in fact is a warning that Democracy in South Sudan is under a real threat.


But since the SPLM – DC has chosen to pursue its political rights through the legal procedures; we are yet to see the results. However, the way that the SPLM leader, H.E Salva Kiir Mayardit, the first vice president of the Sudan and the president of south Sudan has allowed himself to be dragged into this unconstitutional act deserves a tough condemnation from all the other political parties.


The erosion of democracy in the world has always begun with single isolated violations here and there, and by the time that we realize things , we are already under a tyrant led dictatorship where coughing in the middle of   a presidential speech amounts to a treason and may   receive the   capital punishment. This shouldn’t be the south Sudan that we fought for over the 50 years struggle, nor should it be allowed to replace our dreams of an inclusive homeland for each and every south Sudanese.


Unfortunately some of us are failing to understand that if today it is the SPLM- DC, tomorrow it may be SANU, or SSDF or any other of the so-called small parties who are in fact big in their visions and posses   arsenals of alternative developmental prescriptions that can   salvage our war ravaged south Sudan.


Our current rulers had enough time in office to win the votes of the people based on the services they rendered over this five years’ period. This is clearly a bonus on their favour, so resorting to barring off potential political rivals through the abuse of the public office should be deemed undemocratic. We should not allow ourselves to be dragged into the false argument that this particular time in our history is not suitable for the practice of democracy in southern Sudan, while we have been caught on the camera on several occasions pretending to preach in favour of these very values (democratic transformation in the whole Sudan) that we are afraid to practise in our own courtyards.


If the biggest devil in the Sudanese political systems as represented by the dominant NIF/ NCP is freely operating in south Sudan , then why should we NOT better extend this spirit of tolerance to all the other political parties and wait for the ballot to decide who becomes what?


It is at these crucial moments that we expect the bigger democracies in the world to step in and help the GoSS to rightly interpret and exercise the constitution. We call upon    our   friends in the US administration, the European Union, the African Union and the entire international community, not to by stand and watch, as it is more expensive and rather difficult trying to re-fix the pieces after the damage has been    allowed to happen. It is here that we look forwards to the US administration to start dealing its carrots and sticks on this SPLM led administration in Juba which seems adamantly inclined to continue with its crude style of governance that it adopted since the bush – war days and unfortunately even after the CPA those jungle laws still remain in practise.


The SPLM leadership should review its stand on the forth coming elections as its credibility is what will make us win the international community’s approval. Kiir must also understand that since he is going to be a candidate himself, he won’t do himself any favour by resorting to these old fashioned political coercions of behaving as if one owns the entire universe.


Sudan is heading towards a multi – democracy and those who find it difficult to transform into democratic politicians should better throw in their towels, because clearly they do not belong to this age. The international observers must be keen enough to give high ratings for this type of state sponsored coercion and those stakeholders in the Sudanese Peace Project should act immediately lest we see another Kenyan or Zimbabwean post elections bloodbath repeating itself in the Sudan .


In conclusion, although the author of this article has a huge list of gross disagreements with the SPLM-DC and especially its proximity to the ruling Islamists of the NIC/NCP, of the indicted president Omer al Bashir as well as its dubious connections in the Middle East, but as a strong believer in democratic values, would like to see that they (SPLM –DC) regain their democratic rights that they are entitled to by the Constitution. Democracy is a right and not a privilege to be restricted only to a few hand picked groups as such.


Dr.  Justin Ambago Ramba , MB , BCh, DRH , MD. Secretary General of the United South Sudan Party (USSP). The party that stands for the independence of South Sudan . Can be reached at either   [email protected]   or[email protected]






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