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South of Sudan and Israeli Great Ambitions by gibreel musa
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Jun 16, 2009 - 5:36:47 AM

                                    South of Sudan and Israeli Great Ambitions .

                 Rightnow the Sudanese political arena witnessing dangerous misunderstanding between the two partners national congress party and people movement, the southerners stretch their hands to Israel and other Imperial circles that try to dominate the country , so under Israeli and American policy the southerners behave with congress party harshly and negatively , they recently create problems from nothing , forexample they accuse the congress party by statistics forgery and they demand by Abyie administration   and they accuse the congress party by not dividing the wealth equally , so whenever the Southerners receive green light from their lords in Telaviv and Washington they political problems , it is well known that the South preparing for separation , the separation will enable Israel and America to establish military bases in the deep South of the Sudan all the indications shows that with cooperation of the Southerners Israel will fulfill her promise which saying that the Israeli bounderies will be from the Nile up to the Gulf …. When Israel establish military bases in the South of the Sudan that means it started to occupy more Arab lands so we are as patriotic Sudanese will not accept for the traitors to facilitate Israeli existence in our beloved homeland so we have every right to say for the Southerners enough is enough no more wink to our enemies , in fact Israel and her friends in the Sudan they don't like unity and peace to prevail all the country , the unity means the failure of the Israeli dangerous project in the Sudan this is why we find that Israel's friends in the South they seeking for more political problems in order to undermine the peace and unity project in the country , the Israeli interference in the Sudan is very clear the conflicts which are going on in Darfur include Israeli hostile scenario in the country so the real sons of the Sudan will allow the Israelis to invade the Arab world from the Southern gate of the Sudan .  

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