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South Sudan .. Absent Democracy and Lame Justice By :Deng Mulwal
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Jul 2, 2009 - 5:04:50 AM

South Sudan .. Absent Democracy and Lame Justice

By :Deng Mulwal


SPLM launched its elections campaign in the Northern States and the SPLM Election Committee Chairman James Wani Igga announced the first kick for the elections battle from Nuba Mountains , Abyei, and Blue Nile areas as a preparatory activity for the movement's readiness for the upcoming stage.

However, according to what is stipulated in the constitution it is the right of the SPLM to organize the campaigns for the upcoming elections, but what is expected from the movement is to allow for other political parties to practice political and popular campaigns in the south.
The SPLM kept calling every now and then for the democratic transformation, press freedoms and allowing political forces in the north to practice their activities, but at the same time the movement rejected up to this moment to fulfill its obligations towards Naivasha agreement as most of the political forces with the exception of the SPLM are subject to harassment and vexation to the extent of imprisonment of political activists.
The Human Rights Reportuer, Sima Sammar in her reports revealed about horrible violations against civilians' rights in the South besides the terrible conditions of those in custody, let alone those who were assassinated.
Not only that but the northern merchants in the south who had lived there

for decades were forced to leave the region.
Recently the SPLM SPLA group spoiled a political mass rally organized by SPLM-DC in Juba, besides banning former Vice President, George Kongor Arop's party from practicing its activity in Juba, and attacking the NCP leaderships in
Eastern Equatoria by an SPLA military force.
The SPLA elements attacked NCP offices in Wau,
Juba , Aweil and Rubkona.
The Absence of freedoms is not limited only on NCP members but it is extended to all the Southern Muslims who were banned from practicing their rights in enrolment in civil service positions which is monopolized by the SPLM for the benefit of its members without giving others any of their constitutional chances.
Then, why do we go far, the SPLM bans even its northern memberships from holding any constitutional posts in the south despite the fact that SPLM shares the power in the north with 30% and with 45% in Blue Nile and
South Kurdofan states.

Isn't it the absent democracy and the lame justice in the South?


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