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Articles and Analysies ÇáŐÝÍÉ ÇáÚŃČíÉ Last Updated: Dec 20, 2009 - 3:34:53 PM

Salva Kiir Mayardit Administration: A Case of Marginalizing Longechuk County Citizens BY: Nhial K. Wicleek, CANADA

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Salva Kiir Mayardit Administration: A Case of Marginalizing Longechuk County Citizens

BY: Nhial K. Wicleek, CANADA


It is my right as a concerned individual to voice out my feeling for the course of our political dwindling.   It is my right as a citizen of the South Sudan, particularly; Longechuk County, to address the failure of President Salva Kiir Mayardit on handling the long awaited announcement of Longechuk County commissioner.   Also, it is a right of all Longechuk residents to ask the President if he fails to meet the ir demand, a necessity that’s most likely unavoidable to handle.   Neither of these individuals should remain silent to question why it takes so long for the President Salva Kiir Mayardit to put this appointment to pass.

Personally, I am not the die hearted individual to say I love Longechuk County more than all Longechukians, for I know there are numerous folks who feel the same like I do even though they remain speechless for now. I know with no doubt that Longechuk County has young energetic youth with human capital and mental capacity to ask the leadership of the SPLM under the command of Field Marshal Salva Kiir Mayardit to provide the answer for them of why the wait has been so long.

To my personal scrutiny, I understand the inner differences attached to the appointment.   I know that it is in the interest of some individuals to watch this “ cat and mouse game ” happily (shame on you), for the leadership has no interest in allowing these people to exercise this short lived freedom brought to being on the eve of comprehensive peace agreement. Mr. President himself is one among these individuals because he was the one that dealt with the decree and its reverse on the 9th of June 2009 , a date that couldn’t be forgotten by any person who browses internet on a daily basis.  

Having reversed the appointment by relieving Mr. Chambang was to polish-smooth his wrong so that he could regain strength and maintain trust with Longechukians.   But, what Salva Kiir Mayardit did not know is that, reversing the appointment without replacement is equivalent to zero action, for everyone knows that the P resident hasn’t done anything since he withdrew the appointment.  It is about five-to-endless months to come now, and the election is pending, leaving the future of the County bleak.   If Salva Kiir decided for Longechuk citizens to approach election without a commissioner is good to inform them of his current plans so that they prepare themselves of the impending uncertainty of the election.   Also, since the voter registration has already kicked-off in some States, it is wonderful time to allow Longechuk Citizens to define their fate, should they boycott the voter registration in that part of the region.

However, if for any reason, it is because President Salva Kiir has been busy, making a minute announcement that I appoint Mr. X is something that does not require him so many hours.   I believe it should be that he has no interest in the matter.   But that would prompt one to ask of what roles and duties does a president do/play?

For now, I am proving the point clearly enough that Lt. Gen. Salva Kiir has failed miserably, let alone SPLM party.   There is no way a president can relieve a person without a successor. If not, I can term it the Wake of New marginalization of southern Sudanese, starting with Longechuk county citizens.   I believe no one would disagree with me that these people are marginalized to teeth. If doubting this point, here are important issues to note:

The acting commissioner in Longechuk County right now is a Shilluk man.   He is the one in charge of the Longechuk affairs although challenging indeed to him.   Some days earlier, unconfirmed reshuffle of head chiefs was held.   That reshuffle resulted deadlier as one man by the name Buony Makuach; an innocent man lost his life on that incident (May God rest his soul in peace).   Nothing in fact was done by the acting commissioner since he does not know the internal affairs. Questions arose from the civilian populations, asking the man of what authority or under what jurisdiction to conduct this unfound reshuffle? Till to day, the man failed despondently to answer the question.  

In comparison, one of the points on relieving Mr. Chambang was his inexperience and less knowledgeable to Longechuk affairs similar to that no one would come from the outside to be a Commissioner.   As stipulated in the Comprehensive Peace Agreement that, the citizens of the land have a right to rule themselves, contradict with the existing policy, and it is a violation of our right. If Salva Kiir considered this point a vital issue, why should this Shilluk man become an acting commissioner? Longechuk County has Deputy Commissioner already who is well known among Longechuk communities.   His name is Hasan Balla from Burun community in Longechuk.   He is very fluent in Nuer and more knowledgeable of the things that are happening, in which we wish him to be in charge until someone is appointed for the position.   I (we) the sons of Longechuk (are) is unhappy about the move, and so we will get rid of this man sooner than later, for we don’t deserve to be under cruel leadership of the wild beast.   He cannot sit scratching his tummy without work-done, receiving salary without work-done and enjoying mess of the county for lack of appointing the commissioner with zero work-done.   If President Salva Kiir Mayardit loses trust in us, and so do Longechuk County citizens.   Unless his action on airing the commissioner is pending this month, otherwise, our stance would never be the same. And that would result in boycotting voter education, and so the upcoming poll to vote for him.

Furthermore, south Sudan is experiencing a widespread failure of rainfall in which most States are severely hit hard by lack of rainfall in the region.   Longechuk County is one like any other part of the south Sudan facing this hardship caused by this poor rainfall this year.   But one thing that matter the most is lack of commissioner who would aware the government for this inevitable foot shortage as a result of rain failure.   People are devastatingly facing widespread hunger and no one is stepping up to report the matter to higher level.   The waiting—to be removed— acting commissioner is just sitting in the office stargazing with no further report to alter the eminent suffering while enjoying his daily meal, and have little or no thinking at all about the hungry crowd.

Coordinatio n of the projects that can support civilians failed because the man doesn’t care, or he is being driven by systematic marginalization of Longechuk Citizens silently.  What going on here? I think marginalizing us is enough; and therefore, we would seek its reverse because we know the cheap politics being played on us.   To me this political negligent, misappropriation of Longechuk budget, Commissioner’s salary, and denying us our right are part of Salva Kiir administration’s mechanism to cheat on us which in fact inconsolable.  

In so to speak, unhappiness is rampant because a County without a commissioner is like a house with no guard to control the debilitative politics that only motivates uncertainty.   But it is an honour for President Salva Kiir to shows us his true colour, a tactic of political marginalization that we had never thought of to see.  

To me those who daily strive for change are not simply claiming for nothing, but are truly striving for a failure beyond reasonable doubt.   President Salva Kiir Mayardit, the uncle of our time deserves to GO and rest in PEACE in his house if he is tired of being a leader.   Mr. President our trust is less than what you know, and so you will realize it during your runoff in the election period.   We may be less compared with bigger population of the south Sudan , but our one per cent has a lot to do with bringing you to the seat of presidency if you don’t know .   I wish the election kickoff peacefully so that we prove to you.

To all Longechuk Communities in the USA , Canada , Australia , Europe , and the homeland, please, it is time for us to realize why the President has failed to nominates from the tabled candidates on his desk for one of them to become the next commiss ioner.  My word to you is that our President has failed us for five months, and we don’t know when he would act on this matter.  It is time for us to define our fate because this marginalization will never come to an end.   I believe it is time for us to think beyond the box.

Nhial K. Wicleek, Chairman of Reang Community In Canada .   He can be reached at [email protected] or 403-896-8624


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