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Articles and Analysies «Š’›Õ… «Šŕ—»Ū… Last Updated: Feb 22, 2010 - 8:09:09 AM

SPLM fabricating excuses for it's Endless Ruling, Schisms and Corruption By Deng T. Liem, USA

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SPLM fabricating excuses for it's Endless Ruling, Schisms and Corruption  


By Deng T. Liem, USA


As Sudan general elections campaign has begun, the SPLM minority clique throughout the Globe are disseminating fabricated excuses and toothless threats for trying to galvanize vast support among people of south irrespective of political affiliations to vote for SPLM presidential Candidate Salva Kir.

By describing him as sorrow incompetent leader who failed to rule the south for the last five years, but with no choices to live with, the people of south must take a deep breath and forgive his dreadful incompetence and rally behind him as we are yet to reach our final destination.


Therefore, Dr. Lam Akol, SPLM-DC Chairman and GoSS hopeful presidential candidate, who is an articulate competent leader and trustworthy son of south who can lead the south to it final destination, must step down from contesting for GoSS presidency post against Lt. Gen Salva Kir.

Arguably, Dr. Lam Akol's candidacy will divide the south to its worst standard without hesitation. And that division will diminish our chances to win CPA of (2005) against the north.

The people of south Sudan are daring to install a fresh administration free from undemocratic ruling and corruption come May of 2010, so as to rebuild trust and respect among ourselves.


The dark side of these fabricated excuses and accusations by the SPLM minority clique which may obligate the people of south Sudan to vote for sole presidential candidate on ballot are gross violations of the democratic practices in the south. It will be unprecedented for the people of south Sudan to go to the polls in April Elections voting for a sole presidential candidate on ballot.

For us to be proud of our new democratic way of life in the south is whenever we have to go to the polls to vote, we have to vote for more than one candidate on ballot for sole position. That would be the pure democratic system we need in our young south Sudan nation.


The following paragraphs are reason why I think SPLM minority clique is widely disseminating fabricated excuses and accusations to obligate the people of south to vote only for a sole GoSS presidential candidate on ballot come April election.


First, the main reason is that the SPLM lost support among people of south Sudan currently on the ground due to fathomless corruption, widespread insecurity throughout semi-autonomous region and bitter schism instigated by tribal practices.

Secondly, the long-path of communism ideology allows SPLM minority clique to resist pure, civilized, fair and balanced appropriate public debates among indigenous people of south Sudan to find prestigious loopholes suited best for inclusive economy, security and retirement of bitter schisms in South Sudan.

Thirdly, SPLM minority clique prematurely use fabricated excuses as bedrock tactic to scaremonger southerners that multiple parties system and unequivocal democratic practices are at odds with semi-autonomous government; nonetheless, these would ruin our chances for independence south Sudan and etc... come 2011 referendum.


The above blatant misleading claims illustrate political obstacles SPLM minority clique are facing at this crucial moment. They advocate fear among people of south for trying to dig out themselves in deepening holes, they dug themselves into for the last five years.


Yasir Saeed Arman is the first worst among these controversial minority clique of SPLM unionists whose political aims are for Yasir Saeed Arman to win Sudan presidential election and find necessary loopholes to advocate the importance of united secular Sudan to the suffering people of south that is not longer the case for southerners at this moment.

The current Internet Polls Survey conducted by sudantribune site started on Sunday February 14, 2010 shows the Independence south leads over unity with north 83.3% to 16.5% among 5314 participants. The polls will remain open throughout the week and we can see whatever changes may take places daily.

The fair question is this, who is going to vote for Candidate Yasir Saeed Arman in northern Sudan? Based on appropriate perspective, this is another monstrous political blunder of the SPLM to nominate Yasir Saeed Arman as its presidential candidate compared to poor SPLM candidates selections that caused multiplicity of Independent candidates within the SPLM.

According to the same sudantribune polls survey, the people of south have highly indicated that they will not waste time, money and energy to vote for Yasir Saeed Arman whose political aspiration is contrary to theirs. The people of south are barely differentiating the different between Yasir Saeed Arman and embattled President Oman Al-Basher.

Both men are Arabs bigots and unionists. The mild difference between the two men blackmailed the south public is fact that Yasir Saeed Arman was deprived by his political guilt in the north and joined the south liberation movement since SPLM/A initially fought for the liberation of free and fair united Sudan, while, onslaught President Al-Basher and his likes were busy in Sudanese Capital, slaughtered and looted the country's natural resources to keep up with unprofessional work against marginalized Sudanese.   

Endured bush life along with Yasir Saeed Arman will not be the case for him after he gets elected president. This describing as wolf is walking in sheep clothing. The mild bigotry will return into dreadful bigotry like his likes when his dream becomes reality.


If SPLM SG Pagan Amum Okiech was able to hire a firm and conducted the polls survey in south Sudan before Yasir Saeed Arman's nomination was finalized by National Election Commission (NEC) and asked random sample, if they were aware of Yasir Saeed Arman and his likes were SPLM/A commanders during liberation and only if they were aware of that fact, ninety nine percents of that sample would response negatively to that polls question and absolutely said no.

Fewer politicians among us would respond positively to that. Hence, Yasir Saeed Arman nomination for SPLM presidential ticket would have been reconsidered.

I will not blame the people of south for their wise decision not to vote for Yasir Saeed Arman for two reasons.

First, the Western Peace Brokers will not differentiate the difference between south and north SPLM political objectives, which will make it difficult for south to secede in 2011.

Second, the people of south will stick with President Al-Bashir who had shown them altruism to sign CPA of (2005) with the south. That has given south six years interim period to rule herself and later vote to secede after 2011 referendum.


Itís worth saying that, the virtual majority of the SPLM-DC supporters and sympathizers are much more separatist than the SPLM minority clique who are daily contradicting with facts engulfing the south interests.

Therefore, the SPLM has been discovering a cover-up of misleading campaigning that's contrary to fundamental rights and interests of the south.

Hence, the SPLM-DC would waste no time to lead the whole Sudan when it is no longer the case for the people of the south. The fears for SPLM to lose April elections have echoed since launching of SPLM-DC on June 6, 2009. The mysterious fears currently grow even stronger in the aftermath of the SPLM poor candidates selections that created popular Independent party (IP) contestants candidates against unpopular SPLM Candidates.


The answer to previous statement above as was, should Dr. Lam must step down, absolutely no. The SPLM-DC Chairman Dr. Lam Akol and GoSS hopeful presidential candidate is not going to step down from contesting against Lt. Gen President Salva Kir because the south is in serious need for an urgen fresh leadership that will recuperate it from major extinction.

The SPLM has failed to govern itself as party. Today, it is a high time for the people of south to vote in office competent leader like Dr. Lam Akol to govern our south affairs with self-discipline and integrity thereafter April election. Meanwhile, we will, however, vote out incompetent leaders like President Salva Kir and his likes who have miserably failed to govern and send them back to Gogrial and elsewhere they belong.


Dr. Lam Akol is well educated southerner likes Dr. John Garang and Dr. Riek Machar who had endured bush life to liberate south from north oppressors. With any doubt, Dr. Lam Akol will stand to take thoroughly negotiations on behalf of southerners to north oppressors and would not be just rhetoric as done by President Kiir administration.


Based on Dr. Lam Akol phone interview with ďEditor of SSNĒ published by (southsudannation website on February 14, 2010), Dr. Lam Akol has strongly unveiled his sincere arguments toward both NCP and the SPLM for shying away from discussing post-referendum issues for the people of South to understand its implications.

Due to his relevant stand on important issues, I understand very well that only Dr. Lam Akol will take serious discussions, if elected GoSS president, to President Al-Bashir or whoever won April national presidential election and discuss all the implications of CPA ranging from south-north borders demarcations.

Dr. Lam Akol would sufficiently educate the people of south to know their rights when it comes to self-determination issue. Unlike President Salva Kir and his current GoSS administration who have barely done nothing to educate the people of south, but fooling us to vote for Yasir Arman for national presidential ticket that will jeopardize our rights to Self-determination to secede after 2011 referendum.


Finally, we, the people of south are not foolish enough to derail our golden chances by voting for the same old status quo that corrupted our semi-autonomous government. Itís worth mentioning that, the people of South will instead votes in office fresh leadership that will heal south from imminent extinction.

Dr. Lam Akol is only one candidate in this race who promised to taking care our martyrsí families and wounded heroes whom GoSS under slacking leadership of SPLM has omitted. When Dr. Lam Akol gets elected and sworn in GoSS president, he will form unity government comprised of all south political parties and equal representations from all walks of life in south will be inevitable.


Dr. Lam Akol vowed to establish peace and stability to end perpetual ongoing tribal conflicts in south and pledged to pay SPLA arms their full share of salaries regularly. In fact, the majority of experienced SPLA fighters hailed from bush shrunk away from serving in SPLA to taking care for their families because the administration of President Salva Kir has not paid them yet their full shares of salaries regularly ďas pay as you go methodĒ to feed their children. Meanwhile, their colleagues whom are serving as officials with GoSS have taken their children abroad to get healthy diets and substantial educations.


Lastly, our votes are opting for choosing competent leader who can get the job done when sworn in after election. Diverting next beautiful five years into gloomiest last five years would be a grave mistaken.

The people of south Sudan will test their tougher choices in the first time ever to choose our president who will only work to serve our vital interests and needs for ourselves, our children and generations to come. Hence, our votes are smarter, sharper, and healthier than corruption, nepotism, schism and favoritism. Tribalism doomed to end and United South Sudan Nation moving forward.

© Copyright by SudaneseOnline.com

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