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Articles and Analysies Last Updated: Dec 20, 2009 - 3:34:53 PM

SPLM as a party more than it was movement inspiring only quota.By Deng T. Liem

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 SPLM as a party more than it was movement inspiring only quota.

December 17, 2009

By Deng T. Liem

Its undisputable fact that the SPLM/GoSS leadership has been inconsistence across the board in all importance national issues that it has attempted to accomplish for benefiting marginalized people of Sudan. That in fact, has enormously caused long-enduring disappointments amongst permanent movement supporters. I have only one concern question I need to address at this epistle and it based on the SPLM miserable failures both in national and south sector politics: It became a huge surprising for those who have been overwhelmingly adulterated by enrichment and persistence leadership late Hero Dr. John Garang De Mabior, the former Chairman of SPLM, had been excited for twenty one (21) years during bush life concerned entire Sudanese national politics. The current SPLM Chairman Lt. Gen. President Salva Kir Mayardit and inadvertence entourages are vehemently believing that South Sudanese have been enthralled by the beauty of awaiting 2011 referendum and then to secede from north. However, it wouldn’t mind their businesses whether the SPLM Cliques are embodying fascinating authority underscoring tremendous tranquilities in the South Sudan or undertaking its historical unasked predominance quid pro quo mentality that has been practicing in South Sudan to the worst encroachment for the SPLM schists being enjoying its benefits as it has been currently appearing to be in Juba, South Sudan.

The fundamental earnestly question is this. Why does the SPLM leadership degrading irreproachable resonating prestigious images and conduct of Southern Sudan in face of the world? Is it because they are covering up well-known schisms, intolerances, misbehaviors, corruption, favoritism/nepotism, money embezzlements, mismanagements of public funds and maltreatments they are practicing in Juba, South Sudan or is it because they are trying to save their hypocrisy and incompetency Chairman President Salva Kir Mayardit’s seat for Government of Southern Sudan (GoSS) presidency? Without doubts the above two rational questions are relevant questions discomforting SPLM’s troubling heart in Sudanese political atmosphere in both south and north sectors. Indeed, the SPLM leadership has failed to acknowledge that insignificance or status quo is not binding authority must be followed by indigenous people of Southern Sudan. It should have been wisely idea and decision if SPLM chose to run its dirty tricks politics with prudence, experiences and inspiring leadership wisdoms. Practically, the SPLM as a party more than it was movement inspiring only quota.

The SPLM Chairman Lt. Gen President Kir Mayardit and inadvertency entourages have provoked uneasy self-conventional failures not to deal with shareholder in Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) boldly and directly. Instead, they have been maneuvering around in trying to find loophole for self-centered radical unionists amongst inner circle within SPLM political spectrum. As they have failed to secure significant loophole from NCP, the Peace Shareholder in Government of National Unity (GoNU) as it would has been fully implemented CPA provisions to attract radical south separatists to vote for National Unity. Consequently, they wasted no time to abandon NCP in midst of political game and collaborated with infamous northern oppositions parties. They thought that it might be another possible way the implementations of CPA will fully take effects hence it would attract south separatists to vote for United Secular Sudan (USS) come 2011 referendum. That is profoundly an illusion and falsified thought as it will not happen in front of the south separatists, if 2011 referendum will really come to effect. That misfortunate choice the SPLM Cliques have taken late in the game will bear no fruitful outcomes for the south manifested principles, goals and objectives of self-determination. It will only escalate havoc circumstance will trigger war between the south and north as results whether overbearing SPLM unionists like will it or not.

It is ridiculous path backward the SPLM Cliques have taken amongst others and those domineering actions have amplified intense resistance against SPLM deteriorating politics with in the Southern Sudan. The resisters are portraying the SPLM as fulminating self-acting fails entity. While, in north fugitive NCP leader President Omar Hassan Ahmed Al-Bashir is advocating his irrelevant peace politics and portrays himself as peaceful shareholder in a Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) of (2005) since his company has handled to sign CPA with SPLM as movement. With no doubts SPLM is self-acting fails organization that has been using by all north political forces for their own merit advantages and amongst those including rival National Congress Party (NCP). Ones can place the strongest argument that the SPLM is a Sudanese sanctuary that has been paid-off for all choirs to prepare their beautiful songs.

To abandoned peace partner worth enormous inexperience, selfishness and unequivocal misfortunate opinionated. The SPLM’s hideous and uncalculated actions are barely equivalent to its basic principles and merit compelling adjectives it was formed for. Just to argue this logical fact. Consequently, the SPLM’s digressed from its main compelling principles came as result of detonating unprincipled schisms, greediness, and corruption its leveling high on South Sudan Citizens. Shamefully, the SPLM Quackeries are vehemently wanted to cover up those unyielding wrongdoings. I do not understand at this present moment why the SPLM becomes devastating organization. The old dirty tricks, intolerances and arrogances north segregationists such as Old Mr. Sadiq Al-Mahdi, Dr. Hassan Al-Turabi, Late Dictator President Jaafar Mohammed Nimeiri and many more north leaders have been advocating too long against south were once again victorious last week as they ended up handcuffed the SPLM SG Puppet Pagan Amum Okiech, SG Deputy north sector, and number of freedom fighters as being held hostages for many hours in hands of north NCP aggressors while it was yet dooming day between historical enemies, the north and south. That incident dismayed vast majority of south population because it has showed how insensible the SPLM is, in politics. No way in this world the SPLM led by late Hero Dr. John Garang De Mabior be using by north segregationists devaluating its irreproachable merit values while promoting north is owning merit devouring cultural habits.

For the sake of good argument, If the SPLM led by President Kir is not used by the north segregationists political forces why it was invited them to Juba, South Sudan and signed intrusive deal with those notorious bodies, that called for the boycotting of national elections while left-out south insight Rebels political forces badly needed to work cohesively with the SPLM for a betterment peaceful futures of South Sudan Country. Many hours thereafter Juba all parties conference had begun, three south major political parties that had attended Juba all parties conference have walked out from that conference and they have cited uncommon circumstances as CPA provisions being renegotiated in the conference. The most irresponsible the SPLM is, the most humiliations, intimidations and dishonesties the south would be facing daily in hands of north aggressors. As it seemed in minds and hearts of those north segregationists that SPLM, the south is ruling party, holds no big teeth to bit. As results of the SPLM insensibility appeared on December 07, 2009 demonstrations, Mr. Nafi Ali Nafi a presidential advisor and a senior NCP official has retaliated by threatening to give up 40,000 SAF martyrs against 100,000 SPLA martyrs, the SPLM must be prepared to give up at a rally in the Sudanese capital. Based on Mr. Nafi owns ill-calculations, the SPLM and the south arithmetically will incur 60,000 more SPLA martyrs in awaiting conflict between the two rival warriors. It has been a serious mistaken the SPLM has made as it went wild on Khartoum Streets demonstrated to help infamous north power desperate, with negative spillover benefits in a total return. It was unbelievable circumstantial. It has showed how much counterproductive the SPLM is, within current Sudanese national politics.

Coming to Southern Sudan situations where the SPLM/GoSS coercively run its autocratic government. As matter of facts, the South Sudan is systematically ruled by autocratic schisms government where the favoritism/nepotism, corruption, lootings of government funds and marginalization are skyrocketing dictated by upheaval and predominance prejudices, are huge fundamental factors facing the future of awaiting United South Sudan (USS). The SPLM/GoSS autocrat leadership thought hegemony prejudices are consensual heritage circumstantial of Southern Sudan Ethnicities cultural. As such, it minds nobody business or it will disappear by itself in the nearest futures. One way or another, this ignored predominantly prejudices by the SPLM autocrat schism leadership will come back alive with legs and hands to create unprecedented severe setback in South Sudan society. The said SPLM/GoSS leadership will blame it on marginalized victims who in fact could need their shares either in semi-autonomous or independence South Sudan government.

The democratic transformation on the other hand is another major setback in Southern Sudan as it amenities are difficult to understand. Where SPLM, the south is ruling party militarily is choosing it owns political opponents, which is an absurd in all existing democratic countries on earth. That in fact has showed how autocrat the SPLM is systematically in South Sudan. The SPLM must need to understand autocrats governance cultural, systematically it masterpieces are always to tortures, intimidates, kills, and humiliates it owns citizens to the worst point, as the SPLM does currently, in order to collect undauntedly wealthy and indefinitely trying to obtain absolute power. Willingly, the autocrats are monopolized powers by jeopardizing the healthiest multiplicity interests comprehensively put altogether and agreed by all respective citizens of that country. That in fact creates so-called national consensuses. Yet, the citizens would end up dethroned autocrat leaderships to the worst at the ended of days. The SPLM Cliques must bear to consider in minds and hearts undertaking stalemate of autocratic schism governance system in the south and replace it with alternatives to peaceful democratic governance system mourns vivid equalities such as equal representatives, physical infrastructures roads and buildings are the best examples, schools, healthcares and overall developments which must be enjoying by all citizens of South Sudan in regardless of tribes and irretrievable schism and inequality premeditated to work in South Sudan, or faces the same circumstance faced by all autocrats schism leadership throughout the world, especially Africa continent.

Recklessness and self-contradictories are not way straightforward the SPLM can use to accomplish the establishments of peaceful United South Sudan and its merit compelling objectives. Notwithstanding, the south will be taken away from the SPLM once again as far as it seemed. The substantial example of recklessness are facts that the President of Government of South Sudan (GoSS) Lt. Gen Salva Kir Mayardit is encouragingly said something worthwhile in Juba, South Sudan and reversed it later when reached Sudanese Capital Khartoum or any other city in Sudan that not located in South Sudan. The Vice President of Republic of Sudan, President of Government of South Sudan (GoSS) and the Chairman of the SPLM Lt. Gen Salva Kir Mayardit was denied fact that the SPLM SG Puppet Pagan Amum Okiech, SG Deputy in north sector and number of freedom fighters were not directly involved in masses demonstrations on streets in a Sudanese Capital Khartoum, but President Salva Kir cited that they were just processions which meant they were carrying documents to national legislatures assembly. At the same time, however, the SPLM SG Puppet Pagan Amum disputed President Kir’s statement and cited that, they were directly demonstrated to put pressures on NCP to pass to laws a key component of bills before assembly dissolved itself on December 23, 2009. Mr. President the SPLM is authenticity has doomed died, adding to what your leadership inconsistency provoked, the south will not fully earns its substantial shares allocated in Power Sharing provision of the CPA and let alone independence South Sudan.

Mr. President, I heard from many of our citizens as you have always said when things went wrongly that you fear nobody. Why do you flip-flopping on every controversial issue discussed, if you really fear nobody? Why do you embolden in Southern Sudan and said what we needed to hear from you as leader and fear in Khartoum doomed to reverse them all? I have to leave these important questions upon you Mr. President and south public to answer them.  I am not anyway denying your patriotism. You are my dear patriot. As we both fought this post war and happening to be diehards south separatists, if you are still keeping this worthwhile belief in your humbles heart and mind. I appreciated the significance tasks you have done for the south in a more than twenty years. However, in order for you to success in your current role not as president, but the supreme leader of South Sudan, as like Dr. John Garang was, you need to be precise and firmly consistent with your political messages. If you have been changed from being a radical separatist by so-called north opposition parties to being a diehard unionist then you need to stand firm on that issue as your new belief in Sudan politics and strengthened your political messages based on that. Otherwise, I doubt you or anyone else amongst your colleagues in South Sudan to be named President of South Sudan as country thereafter January 2011 rather than being named Sudan 2nd   Vice President or minster of wildlife just to mention few. If this is how you are going to deal with north, concerning national controversial issues.

The SPLM monopolizations of power in the south strives to dictate consistently threats on south public and others south major political parties derailing off democratic transformations and political stability in Southern Sudan. It is currently a huge political spillover costs in Southern Sudan. The significantly instances are uninterrupted political maltreatments such as premature of others south political parties officials arrested, killings and detentions by SPLA arms security organs throughout the south and magnification fallacy statements the SPLM inflicted on others south political brands in Southern Sudan. The SPLM is always using its political cultural character assassinations to distort and branded others Southern Sudan political forces as enemy supporters where it is crooked blindfold to south public just to maintain its unyielding autocratic schism ruling. These irresponsible manufacturing falsifications statements are promoting mortification attitudes in the south general public ignited malignant circumstances and earnestly mistrust on the SPLM brand, the south is ruling party. In fact, if the SPLM needs to recuperate strongly from irretrievable failures as people’s party once again. It needs to securitize its authoritative schism leadership ruling as it has been deeply denouncing by virtue majority whom the SPLM Cliques have been subjected to a Second Class Citizenship category in their own South Sudan soil. The anarchism, quackeries, schism and mismanagements of public funds are the best significantly culminating SPLM business in Southern Sudan. The serious premonitory warning to the SPLM Quackeries is fact that they need preliminary rehabilitations up to ultimate resplendence consciousness to repossess magnanimous thinking to endure preliminary judgments to rule the South Sudan.

The SPLM Quackeries have willingly forgotten that the SPLM is currently a shareholder in the Government of National Unity (GoNU), but they have chosen to be a stakeholder by abandoned its Peace Partner to run after old north segregationists such as Mr. Sadiq AL-Mahdi, and Dr. Hassan Al-Turabi seeking for help and to give them national presidential ticket in return. The SPLM Chairman Lt. Gen. Salva Kir Mayaedit thought that he is preponderated to defy south public demands by denying them the following rights: Such as rights to associations, freedom of expressions, free speeches and free from political intimidations. As such, President Kir is prohibited his political major rival parties from practicing their political activities in the south and President Kir has cited unrealistic accusations on others south political parties as are military movements. Therefore, they must not be allowed practicing their political work in the south. If the President Kir’s accusations are relevance, why, he has not used the SPLA arms to expel these illegal arms out from Southern Sudan soil to prove his allegations.

Proving this argument, for instance, President Kir has issued directives order to all ten (10) Southern States Governors in order for the south political parties to practice their political works in the south. With that in mind, the President Kir is prohibited its major rival SPLM-DC indefinitely from running its political work in South Sudan, cited illegal sustainable arms in the SPLM-DC party possession. That is not true; it is just a political characters assassination against that particular political group. As freedom fighter Mr. President, you do not need to apply such unconstitutional act against others freedom fighters like you. It is ashamed on you Mr. President Kir. For one being a member of certain political parties does not qualify one against his/her own country. It is just to leverage level of public debates to the best of the country and to see who fit to lead at the time and who not to. It is not about who is a patriot or not. If this is the case we are all patriots and we all love to have our own independence of South Sudan without any compromise since our own Arabs friends have been treated us different. Its greater surprising to learn that from you, Mr. President Kir and your inadvertency entourages being portraying others southerners, who are aligning to different south political parties as unpatriotic, just for political purposes, is not right.

Mr. President, the SPLM-DC is not NCP agent as your Old SPLM party is north opposition parties’ agent. If you have that unchecked believe in your humble mind against SPLM-DC party, however, your party has been vehemently enslaved by north opposition parties in trying to renegotiate the CPA provisions to fit in the CPA system, that will jeopardy our fates of independence South Sudan. Hence, you have failed the south by aligning with infamous north segregationists who their aims are only to hijack the CPA into failed ill-united secular Sudan, nothing more or less.   As such, you will be held accountable democratically for that act, if it will fallout wrong on us to their favoring. You have been pledged to lead the south and the whole Sudan into democratic transformation era, just do it and do it right for all Sudanese people and not for your own political benefits. Your legacies and the goodness of democracy you would have helped to create will remain there forever.

Back to public, I wondered why the SPLM-DC has become more problematic to President Kir is old SPLM party than old north segregationists opposition parties which have never ever given the SPLM small chances to practice its political aspirations in Sudan. I am curious. Either conditionally or unconditionally, only NCP obligated itself to negotiate with the SPLM and the south that has led to the signing of Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) of (2005) treaty that has highly accepted globally. In presence of north opposition parties, the SPLM had spent twenty one (21) in bush tried to possess these rights it has prohibited others Southerners from enjoying them, as well and have offered nothing for the south rather than killings us. In the SPLM, obstructionisms, greediness and unyielding anarchism, notwithstanding, are utmost errors prevented its Chairman President Kir from knowing that there is National Interim Constitution (NIC) put in place guarding the country for six year interim period and all citizens irrespective of regions or tribes must follow it. If this is the case for the SPLM to deny the southerners a political freedom they needed. By the way, what is the different between the SPLM, the liberator and north oppressors such as NCP, PCP , UMMA, Communist Party (CP) and many of all those thuggish? It is irrelevance for sound minded southerners to understand.

However, Mr. Abdalmahmood Abdalhaleem Mohammad , Sudan’s Ambassador to the United Nations has told CNN's Christiane Amanpour on Tuesday, December 08, 2009 when asked a question concerned 2011 referendum and I quoted him “He said the idea that the south may vote to secede in 2011 is only a “hypothetical question”. “I think nobody is giving the territorial integrity of a country in a silver plate to anybody,” “Mohammad said, adding, this is not only a concern of Sudan; it is a concern of Africa”. “And the international community cannot afford another failed state in the region.” Also, Mr. Mohammad had disputed a claiming placed by GoSS Head mission to the United States Mr. Ezekiel Lol Gatkouth concerned Khartoum targeting south and its leaders. He disputed by calling it “over-exaggerations”.

In my personal understanding, Mr. Mohammad had argued to the whole world that, the southerners are not enabling to rule themselves, if it happens, therefore, it will miserable fail like Somali, however, the world is not live to afford a fail nation as the world has witnessed the consequences of fail states around the world. If this is the case from NCP and north segregationists not to give us our territorial integrity of the country in a silver plate come 2011 referendum as mentioned by Ambassador Mohammad in his interview with CNN agent for whatever reasons. Why is the SPLM wasting its valuable time with north opposition parties when we know that, they will remain in Khartoum when dooming day comes while the SPLM is very busy acting unlawfully to intimidate south political forces, those have the same political will and aspirations as the SPLM is? Hence they will fight alongside with the SPLM if when the days come. Other undaunted question is. Is President Kir still a significant separatist who will lead the south in awaiting war against north segregationists, fighting for south is territorial integrity or is he believing that he is only one investiture for South Sudan? Mr. President everybody in South is investiture for the south and only time allowed one amongst us to lead ones at time as you are now our legitimate leader in the South. To dictate the south for greediness henceforward preparing yourself for uneasy days ahead of you and do not attempt to ask for those whom your leadership has been subjected to real torturing just for fear of losing power.


Sudan Vice President, President of GoSS and the SPLM Chairman Lt. Gen Salva Kir Mayardit in good God’s mercy is currently needing to divide himself into two persons in oneself, however, he will run for two presidential tickets on sole national elections, Sudan presidential and the GoSS presidential tickets. This is an absolute true statement that has brought all those arguments amongst South public concerning who is going to run for what. Those unconstitutional acts are brought to brighter daylights by authoritative will, greediness and schism amongst Southerners as sole ethnic group is needed to prevent other ethnicities from taking top leadership position in Southern Sudan hence monopolized a power and national wealth. In certain circumstances, it seems to be working well only if candidate may come from north sector to run for the SPLM national presidential ticket than being Southerners differ from President Kir. That is also justified waiver of the SPLM prodigious national presidential ticket to old segregationist Mr. Sadiq Al-Mahdi, if no SPLM candidate from north sector to run and quid pro quo waiver with GoSS presidential ticket and fallacious of total implementations of CPA provisions, if old north segregationist Mr. Sadiq Al-Mahdi gets elected to a Sudanese presidential office. That unduly calculations of the SPLM are meant that, the full implementations of CPA provisions will find tremendous loophole for the radical south separatists to vote for the National Unity.  By then the SPLM north and south radical unionists will earn what they have been hoping for, the so-called United Secular Sudan, therefore, their ill-dream become true.


Finally, even if I went after SPLM party so badly for its anarchism, schism, marginalization, corruption, favoritism/nepotism, discriminations and mismanagements of south Wealth Sharing public resources and many more mischievous and constitutional rights SPLM has deeply violated. I am still a sought diehard southerner separatist who has been left behind by the SPLM persuading to fulfill invidious north segregationists devouring cultural habits. I have fought this war like others southerners who have fought it so dearly, but I am not harboring my children or anyone’ children to fight it ones again. We need to get over with this elastic power snatching war at this very moment and no southerners will look to fight that once again in a future. I ask radical SPLM unionists to reluctant from unhealthy attempt of United Sudan. It has no invigorated meaning to the southerners. How come it will work out for us this time, if it did not work out for us 55 years ago and four (4) years after CPA treaty was signed. What do northerners powers desperate will do best for southerners, which will make them respective citizens of united secular Sudan? The united secular Sudan is detrimental thinking, as such it is just a wasting of potential energy and time at this very moment. Lastly, I am appealing to GoSS President Lt. Gen. Salva Kir Mayardit to make these elections in South Sudan free, fair and balance come April 2010, so that, the north segregationists will have no room to enter into our Southern Sudan political affairs.

The author is Sudanese citizen living in the United States of America. Holds a Bachelor of Sciences or B.S in Business Economics. Persuades MBA at Drake University in Downtown Des Moines, Iowa. He can be reached at [email protected]

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