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SPLM Rejects Census Results, Calls for Elections in Time! By: Deng Mulwal
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Jun 28, 2009 - 1:38:07 PM

SPLM Rejects Census Results, Calls for Elections in Time!

By: Deng Mulwal


SPLM spokesman, Yien Mathew stated that his movement stressed on conducting the election as scheduled, but at the same time he warned the National Elections Commission from considering the population census results in delimiting the total number of electoral constituencies in the 25 Sudanese States.

Such a statement of the SPLM spokesman reflects a great paradox in stances.
The SPLM which  is calling for conducting elections in time and at the same time rejecting the elections if the population census results are considered in delimiting the geographical constituencies, did not give any compromise on how to resolve this impossible demand.
Irrespective the reasons of SPLM rejection to the population census results, and irrespective of the fact that complaints against the census process should be through serious legal mechanisms and means; the SPLM with this paradox statement confirms that it has found an excuse to hinder the general elections which it fears very much.
The talk over the delay of the elections came from the Chairman of National Election Commission who justified the possibility of delaying the elections due to SPLM rejection to population census results and the dispute between the two partners over the results.

It is obvious that the SPLM is considering its suspect in the population census result as a mean to hinder the election from being conducted as scheduled, as the elections could be done without the consent of the SPLM on the delimitation of the geographical constituencies.
It seems that there will be no alternative other than considering the population census results as a base for delimiting the constituencies otherwise other political forces or even the citizens will not accept any treatment to overcome the rejection of SPLM to the census results.
It doesn't need deep thinking to understand the aim of SPLM paradox, but what is strange is leaving the comments in such a vital issue to young Mathew who lacks the experience to air balanced and justifiable statements is another paradox.



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