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SPLM .. More Lessons .. Less Deeming By: Deng Mulwal
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Jun 18, 2009 - 12:13:55 PM

SPLM .. More Lessons .. Less Deeming

By: Deng Mulwal


Last week and the week before witnessed serious events within the SPLM.
The most which drew attention in those events is that it appears as a symptomatic, but it became a serious disease because it found no appropriate remedy. The malady SPLM is suffering and will suffer is that it witnesses a lot of crucial factors but it doesn’t take into account the lessons.

For example the indication of Dr. Lam Akol's splintering was obvious because there were no democratic practice within the organization and that was clear at the SPLM general convention more than one year ago.
Fears arose at that time that the democratic practice by opening the door for electing a new leadership will lead to splinters when several figures presented themselves to lead the movement.


The SPLM then was compelled to use the reconciliation method and it managed at least to appear at the end of the convention as a cohesive party; but for sure it was suffering a deep internal crack or what the physicians call internal hemorrhage.


Juba convention represented a lesson which the SPLM should have learnt as the demand was to widen its democratic dimension besides treating its organizational issues by opening the wounds and cleaning it but it did not!
On the other hand its northern sector under the leadership of Yassir Arman disregarded the demands of the SPLM supporters in the North and practiced dictatorship in administering the sector a matter that made it a disable even to hold a mass rally in any of the
Northern Sudan localities.
Due to Arman's failure to lead the northern sector wisely it seems that most of its membership will join the new party under the leadership of Dr. Lam Akol which represents a minus from SPLM balance in the north in this critical time when the movement is in need to any vote for the upcoming elections.


The SPLM doesn’t learn and doesn't reconsider its moves and that will cost it a lot which it will not be able to settle.



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