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SPLM.. More Crises Approaching By: Deng Mulwal
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Jun 27, 2009 - 1:39:53 PM

SPLM.. More Crises Approaching

By: Deng Mulwal


The situations within the SPLM are heading toward escalation a matter which might lead in the near future to the worst disastrous situation in the region which has not been witnessed even at the two decades' war time.

According to eyewitnesses and informed sources Al-Nasir town in
Upper Nile State is still living in tension and voices of gun sounds are heard every now and then.


This came after the recent bloody confrontation between Nuer and SPLA which claimed the lives of more than 80 people.


The SPLA after receiving an unexpected strong blow is thinking of unprecedented revenge on the light of several tribal chieftains expressing their rejection to the recent reshuffle within the SPLA high command and the removal of the chief of general staff and replacing him.
These reshuffle, according to the tribal chieftains, came to serve hidden agendas and was the make of hands intending to affect the tribal balancing in the whole south.


In Juba, where the government and the SPLM leadership is seated, the splinter of Dr. Lam Akol encouraged several SPLM leaders to enjoin Akol's movement as the latter owns the smartness which might bring about control and good governance in the region.

However, the tribal balancing entered into a dark tunnel and the issue should be dealt with seriously to reach stability and avoid bloody confrontations.

Therefore, it has become a must for the SPLM leadership to hold an emergency conference to set the principles and procedures of the political work considering the right person in the right place.
Several political leaders within the SPLM exerted great efforts in the aftermath of Nuer and SPLA clashes to avoid eruption of war between the two parties which might extend to other parts of the region, a matter that necessitates calming the tension wisely.


All these developments come amid rumours of a new splintering in the SPLM and another in the northern sector of the movement.
It is high time for mature and wise personnel within the SPLM to consider this threatening situation to avoid another crisis for the movement.
Setting right the crisis and the detachment of  the congestion should be on top list of SPLM leadership priorities.



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