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SPLM Kadugli pledges, what a turning point By Isaiah Abraham
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Jul 19, 2009 - 11:39:20 PM

SPLM Kadugli pledges, what a turning point

By Isaiah Abraham


The Chairman and Commander In Chief of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement, Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit visit to Kadugli last week has been described by many as historic, i agree with them. The NCP on their side through its Information Secretary heaped praise to the First Vice President and the Government of South Sudan President on one of the line he made there (unity and the support for Al Bashir next year in the election)

The visit is historic in the sense that the SPLM/A chief has since retreated to Juba as his permanent seat or residence base leaving his position of his Vice Presidency to Dr. Ali Nafia Ali. He had never set foot anywhere else in the North, something others speculate to be his protest against the NCP stringent to allow him to visit Darfur earlier in 2008. Non knows exactly the authenticity of that claim, but that is then; he has now started to be in the North.

The Chairman in Kadugli delivered key pledges, uncharacteristic of the man we know to be calculative when on politics but proactive on security. His first pledge is a possibility of an alliance with the NCP in the upcoming general elections. He said it from his heart and no doubt he means it. That means our leader has already thrown a towel on the presidency quest, as a candidate against the NCP President. The NCP allied newspapers were made to display it big even in their editorial, commending the SPLM generally and its leader.

But as expected, there are implications to this shift from the SPLM side. The Political Opposition Groups in both the North and the South have already termed it opportunistic and unfortunate. To them, the SPLM has just confirmed its intention to preserve the continuity. For starters, the Sudanese political opposition has been balanced by the existence of the SPLM; without the SPLM they (the opposition parties) don’t have teeth capable enough to do the change without the support of the SPLM. We all know further that the SPLM has been playing dual games, one leg today here in the opposition and another one in the government.

Second implication is the hullabalo about the new Sudan vision; pro unionists within the party, SPLM (in decimal percentage of course) who are uncomfortable with the Chairman declaration are up in arm. These men in fact have been everywhere-near the corridors of world power- in an attempt to remove the government in power with the assumption that they won’t be affected. By announcing to withdrawal from the race for presidency (Gen. Kiir), these men have already concluded that Al Bashir is given a life span for five more years, a breathing license when he shouldn’t be given, because he is a ’killer’.

Mubarak Al Fadhil, one of the Umman party splinter group chairman was touted to be in alliance with the SPLM unionists. No one knows whether an alliance about seats in the House or about change at the state house in Khartoum . Mr. Kiir was to be asked to give way to Mubarak Al Fadhul for the Presidency race. But that that aborted project I presume has been put into disarray by Mr. Kiir intention now to keep the Presidency contest as his card.

Third implication is the fear within the SPLM backyard where Gen. Kiir is largely seen as having done too little so to be allowed to continue holding his position for five more years. Gen. Kiir misgivings are woefully synonymous with failures. This is sad for people who are seriously looking for a better future. You will not know that the government has done nothing until indicators show it. We will not get tire to say it a million time, why? Because the people of Southern Sudan deserve more.

South Sudan is a great land that is moving forward, a country that needs big ideas from a thinker and inventive character. As a person, our President is socially and historically a man to be respected. He handles himself above tribal classes, he is fair and I sincerely pray for his health and safety as he retires. Yet, we can’t live in the denial, he has copied exactly the personality of one of his advisors (name withheld), a sly short man with a monarchical pretensions, a man with a self inflated ego, who seeks himself mystical flat form that doesn’t exist, we know him, don’t we? This has left a big leadership deficit that will take time for President Kiir to leave behind. This election could have help us out, to identify who among equals to try it, when we show the door to the parasites and one ’thupeeli’. He needs the like of Deng Deng to organize our big man for the smooth lay out of our foundation.

I don’t know how to be myopic or simply be a patronising loyalist. I believe that we can still do with others who are future oriented, and serious persuaders, not until you become figurative in negativity all the time, or say and never follow something up in his own speeches. Singapore , didn’t fall from heaven, someone laid it foundation so strong and others build on it. Botswana in Africa is another and again Rwanda next door.

Shall we go back to the second pledge made in Kadugli, or are you carried away? May be or may be not, but here is Kadugli SPLM pledge: the big man pledge to protect the aspirations of the people of Nuba Mountain and Ingessina Hills. He made it clear that he wants to see a political promise in the CPA about the need for exercise for the people Southern Kordofan and Southern Blue Nile States. Their rights of Popular Consultation. I don’t know how he will do it, but this is a sweet news indeed!

We all know what did the people of Nuba and Ingessina Hills (Funj) do in the liberation struggle. How they have lost lives and properties in the course of their defence dignity and land. We today froth talking about Darfur and Darfur on the deaths that have occurred there, but few people care or remember the magnitude of damage cause to human lives and properties in the Nuba Mountain. They paid dearly in the hands of Mujaheddin.

Commander Yusif Kwoa of the then Politico-Military High Command would have turn in grave to curse Gen. Kiir for their betrayal. Mr. Kiir foot soldiers have since ventured into political prostitution by jumping to bed with Islamist called Khalil Ibrahim Ahmed (my respect though goes to Commander Ahmed Mohamed Al Noor and Suleiman Jamus), leaving behind Commander Abdul Aziz Adam El Hilu, Commander Ismael Jalab, Commander Daniel Kodi and others to fight it alone.

That pledge to revive and even fight for the rights of these people of Nuba and Funj is overdue. It must therefore not be an act of talking or just hot air (public relation thing). It has to be followed with a strategy, focus and purpose. As I write, am shedding tears of deep touch because of what I know these people have done with me in the forest of Western Equatoria and other places. On personal account and tribune, I must say this: Ahmed Faki Gwo, a colleague in the army was sniped dead by an armed government agent in the evening in the war zone, when I was cooking grass. I rushed to find him raising his left armed, a clinched fist, shouting ’SPLA Oyee’ as he breaths his last. May Faki soul rest in eternal peace!!! Many more of his likes perished here and morally unfair to rush to Darfur leaving these people to fend for themselves.

Now that our leaders, especially those who never had a chance to be in the war zone, but opted to evade it for studies, have ganged up to abuse the privilege given to them by our leader to advice him. They have pushed their agenda that has confined the SPLM Chairman to Southern affairs. The people of Nuba Mountain must not be just abandon when they us the same way we had then needed them.

Third pledge by the SPLM Chairman is his assurances about the democratisation pluralisation country ( South Sudan ) as well as respect for human rights. He has all along however been talking the same language but may be he is serious this time around. The President Kiir perhaps is on a turn around cantor and should be given benefits of doubts. He should here begin to respect the opinion of others who are contrary to his; Garang had similar negative voices and we know how he managed to got over them. Gen. Kiir himself has written and spoken against his many times and was fired or lost his job. I love that man in grave!

Hence our leader a week ago in Kator right in the House of God spewed unnecessary disparage against the SPLM-DC Chairman, Hon. Dr. Lam Akol Ajawin. We had then been misled earlier by his speech in Parliament and Mr. Pagan Amum reinforced it while abroad, for a need to talk to one another- possibilities of reuniting the two SPLMs. That simple act in the Catholic Church by our leader floored other sincere initiatives to unite the SPLM.

To make matter worse, the security agents in Malakal town and other adjacent areas are doing their ’jobs’ and this is uncalled for. The SPLM should reconcile nevertheless, that is the only option. Why not leave him and his team to contest an election and if they are serious people will bring them back to parliament without anyone interfering with their freedom of choice. Our Interim laws protects everyone choices and we got to abide by the book.

Mr. Chairman, we aren’t giving up on you; because we know you and you know the cause of the people of Southern Sudan , a cause that is almost your entire age. Its bigger than you and me, and not even 1% equivalequivalente Presidency seat in Khartoum . CPA has an answer to that problem and hence critical to safe guard it so jealously. President Al Bashir is a major contributor and you have to wax your partnership together to the end, no matter the pressure and set backs. Future is in Khartoum not in London or Washington .

Remember the saying that ’a bird in the hand worth ten other birds in the bush’; the CPA is your today’s ’bird’, pay damn attention to countenances and plots and keep your head to the target in 18 months time. Going around looking for another alliance at an eleven hour beside the NCP is suicidal. Therefore make extra efforts to put your own words in Kadugli into action. Start by closing your ranks with the NCP and return to Khartoum . Be open about your pledge or intention to support Al Bashir in the contest for Presidency, after all you were destined to lose it.

Never bank on the so-called international community; we don’t want disappointment like others who sought help from the so called super power promised, but they end up in oblivion! The very power that beats its chest in vain, even when they are on the wrong side of things. When a Somali child asks for peace, food and water, he was given bullets instead, what do you think is this world made up of with? I think President Barrack Obama should be watched closely and epitomepitomisedeans business. This is a time for engagement, mutual respect and dialogue is here.


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