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SPLM–DC: Is it a Democratic Betrayal? BY: Daniel Wuor Thonker, CAIRO
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Jul 7, 2009 - 11:16:45 AM

SPLM–DC: Is it a Democratic Betrayal?


BY: Daniel Wuor Thonker, CAIRO


I was carefully and scrupulously going through, inch by inch, on the news about the visit to Syria of the former Foreign Minister, Dr. Lam, as regard to his party policies and my heart filled up with bitterness and sadness by watching Dr. Lam and the future of his Party.


Surely, dear beloved colleagues in the South, is this a Democratic Change or a Democratic betrayal? How should Satan himself put it about such a historic hero?

If I can analyze Lam’s program, he has turned the spear of the southern war to his own stomach by issuing the following statements.


1- He said that the Darfur conflict is a result of competition over water and pasture which led to proliferation of weapons in the region.


Is that true that the Darfur war was about water and pasture when everybody was displaced including non-cattle keepers? Looking at Darfurians, most of them don't even have cattle and there is no logic that the point above on the current genocide being interpreted on the basis of pasture and water. If Dr. Lam can be informed then his point missed the right place when he failed to mention the JANJAWEED and his master (President) Bashir as the main driver of Darfur war.


2- The former foreign minister accused “regional powers” of using the Darfur crisis to pressure Sudanese president Omer Hassan Al-Bashir.


From the above statement, (please help me and the southerners!), the former foreign minister wanted to cover up the serious effects that would be caused by the Darfur war if it's left unsettlement before reaching any peace deal with NCP dominated north. It's a serious problem which has caused lives as the sons of the area have chosen rather to be hanged or crucified.


3- Furthermore, Akol accused US-based Darfur advocacy groups of collecting donations and funds that do not reach the war stricken region.


Turning against the Western world, Lam Akol failed to understand the efforts that were exerted by the Western world to help the poor and weak blacks. Westerners have used everything to help but it is you the so-called doctors or learned of the poor blacks who're taking hold of that money which should have been used for services. If it hadn't been for that money, you would have not been based in Nairobi during the SPLA time as as store-keeper for that Western money. It was when your gluttonous heart turned you against your master, Garang, that was you rebelled and still rebelling up to now due to experiences in dollars.


4- Dr. Lam blamed divisions within the Darfur rebel groups for not reaching a peace agreement and ridiculed some of their demands including one region and a Vice president post.


This statement of division, Akol fruitlessly put it on its right road when the SPLA division of 1991 was his lead, causing a million lives of the two innocent tribes, calling it a Dinka-Nuer conflict when it was about a coup incited by him. Instead of him holding the leadership of the coup, he put it on Dr. Riak Machar, fooling Riak toward a wrong road. Now Riak is out of your deal and you will have no supporters because Riak wants to lead this Movement were his heart lies and not a tribal mind like you think.

Again it is you, who has started the division, calling your party a party which wants to fight tribalism, when the SPLM is being led by DINKA, (Kiir)   NUER, (Riak) EQUARTORIA, (Wani) MABAN (Malik Agar) AND SHILLUK (Pagan Amum) including Arab (Yasir Arman). What tribal practice do you see, when it is your own tribal wickedness of a failed leader.


5- Akol criticized the US saying that they have reneged on promises they made to Sudan following the 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) to normalize ties and lift sanctions.


Dr. Lam is always very sensitive with anything touching the Northern Sector, especially when it is about his master Bashir, and if truth is to be tracked out, Lam actually doesn’t love the north but what the north gives him. It was the sanctions that brought about this CPA. How can't Sudan (and not the South) not be called a terrorist country when it hosted people like Saddam Hussian and many more terrorists that are not easy to be named. In informing the Former foreigner Minister, the current CPA would have not reached this time if it were not the West, when the NCP dominant north continue bombing Abyei when the cease fire was the first thing to be signed in the Machakos Agreement. Again, if there were no rules following CPA then NCP would have not acknowledged the PCA (Permanent Court of Arbitration) yet refuse the ICC when all are located in the HAGUE .


6- He expressed surprise that Washington “claims to be a friend to the SPLM but is hostile to the government of Sudan which is comprised of 28% SPLM representation”.


Given the fact that Akol shows his true color in hating the relationship of US and South, this is natural and should not even be covered up by anything. A clear example was the accommodation of thousands of Lost boys when their beloved government displaced them or like what is happening in Darfur which is a true sign that relations between US and South Sudan will always remain forever.


7- The SPLM-DC leader dismissed allegations made by superpowers that Khartoum is not implementing the CPA saying the agreement “is on the right track.”


I call this statement above a big lie even though SPLM is forcing its way through. The whole world is being moved by the   poor handling of the CPA, like the way the census is a full of fraud, threat to Abyei boundariy commission, delay of the oil money, regular threat to representatives in any field, or pushing ahead the election dates. Do all these mean implementation or exasperation of the Semi-autonomous government of the south?


8- Lam Akol said that donor countries did not provide the money pledged to help with CPA implementation.


That's also another lie or a begging language that the professor put in his lecture during his visit to Syria . What of the millions sent by US for election and more that do come without public knowledge?


9- Finally, the Syrian officials expressed their solidarity with Sudan and rejected interference in its internal affairs, according to the state media.


I hereby congratulate the position of the Syrian officials. All these have nothing to do with foreign intervention.



These are personal allegations developed in a heart filled with hatred, and that worried me so much on the future of the SPLM-DC. I'm sorry that its supporters will remain in dilemma.

The whole world was waiting for the position of the NEW SPLM-DC but Lam Akol Ajawin is showing more limited view than what he pronounced against the Mother SPLM.

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