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SPLM/A was Built on Hatred of Equatorians BY: Remon Ajack Luth, Khartoum, SUDAN
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Oct 14, 2009 - 7:43:17 AM

SPLM/A was Built on Hatred of Equatorians

BY: Remon Ajack Luth, Khartoum , SUDAN


On my own behalf, I am appealing to Mundari and all the Equatorian brothers and sisters that we have to learn to compromise in some situations. Our complaints are not solutions to the exiting problems. I am very sorry that we have been greatly deceived by the top SPLA/M officials about land in southern Sudan , Equatoria regions in particular.

Yes, we were intoxicated during the war and some people are still keeping the promises made by the SPLA/M leadership when we were in the bush.

As we are struggling in Upper Nile region, it’s our tradition of raiding expedition. Equatoria is not Upper Nile, but why Dinka as a whole are targeting to annex the region?

The root of SPLA/M is not clear and our people (Dinka) are taught differently as we struggle together with brothers and sisters in Equatoria. Why the current leadership of SPLA/M is quiet about the silent and open killings in the southern Sudan ?

Telling the truth fast, SPLA/M was built upon hatred on Equatorian people, targeting the Sudan government is secondary.

This is a reality existing among our community members as different families are struggling to get connected to the Equatorian people either by marriage or by force, a nightmare of deceit taught by responsible people during the war.

Why are Dinka IDPs reluctant to go home after the CPA? Minds were corrupted by wrong teachings and we were expected to integrate as fast as possible, a policy for imminent smoke.

Our today’s controversy cannot be resolved easily unless SPLA/M leaders avoid marginalization of groups of people within southern Sudan, our future will continue in the name of hate and it will not last.

The Bor community meetings which were interrupted by the recent cattle raids in late September, 2009 was meant to address some key issues:

(1)      Dinka IDPs in Equatoria,

(2)      The bush war promises

(3)      Handling the traditional cattle raiding

(4)      Future of Bor in Southern Sudan

(5)      A.O.B

Dinka   IDPs in Equatoria for many reasons are not willing to come and begin rehabilitation at home. Instead they are still preaching the bush war promises:

(a) “the land of Equatoria belonged to Dinka Bor cattle;”

(b) “Land once captured is not returnable;” and,

(c) “Some southern Sudanese are not natives of Sudan .”

All these and some nasty promises turned south Sudan to be a no-man's land in the face of Dinka. Equatoria is the major target. These are results of evil instigations during the war.

Let us think without taking chances, Equatoria is not a Dinka land! The responsible people in the parliament must call for repartition of Dinka IDPs especially those in Equatoria.

The recent war in Terekeka is solely blamed on Dinka Bor. Before the recent attacks on the Mundari people, some cattle keepers reportedly talked with some authority in Bor about what to do to avoid Mundari from reclaiming their land.

If some elders have the power, the attacks on Mundari by Dinka Bor cattle Keepers could have not occurred.

As I share my disappointment, the government of southern Sudan must not use SPLA forces in cattle raiding expeditions. During the recent clash with the Nuer cattle keepers, five SPLA men were killed and dozen wounded in the support of Dinka Bor.

I may sound odd, but here is the reality. The war of SPLA/M is not a war of colonization. The teaching of Dr. John Garang to win our support as his tribes mates was taught with hate.

If we do not eliminate Dinkaism in the south, we are all victims of our own actions. The result will be worst not for today, not for tomorrow, but in days, months, and years to come. Dinka Bor is behind the assault on the Lou Nuer and Mundari farmers in their villages.

The president of GoSS must avoid supporting Dinka based on tribe, but he must balance the equation as a leader of the people of south Sudan . Falling short by supporting the Dinka Bor only is a sign of great weakness.

As Dinka, we must watch out, there are mistakes.

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