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President Salva Kiir and His Associates: Dr. Luka Biong, Gier Chung, George Athur: Cause of National Disintegration in South Sudan . By: Lwanyo Wad- Awang
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Dec 9, 2009 - 11:37:49 PM

President Salva Kiir and His Associates: Dr. Luka Biong, Gier Chung, George Athur: Cause of National Disintegration in South Sudan .

“If we have something to fear, it's fear itself.” FDR – Second inauguration address.

By:  Lwanyo Wad- Awang


Stable communities are based on law and order, law organize individual, group, community or society property. Law defines the border between communities and within communities. For instance, in agriculturalist communities, borders between farmers are recognized even between brothers or sisters. The reason civilized communities recognize borders, is to determine obligations and responsibilities.

In case a crime or negligent action happens somewhere, authorities would be able to investigate the incident, because they will have the territory where the incident took place and person in charge in that region. Also, the border determines personal responsibility, we may be brothers or sisters, but some are lazy, reliable, defuse, and negligent to their duties. And when the harvest comes they claim a right to share others hard work product without shame.

The border between South Sudan and North Sudan is defined by the law of Janurary1956 according Sudan Independence Day. That law doesn’t define the border between south and north only, but also boundaries among regions, counties, and communities land in South Sudan .

That’s why in CPA, Abyei is not included in South Sudan territory definition, not because SPLM under Dr. John Garang leadership didn’t want it. But it’s because people are bonded by law in their claim. For that reason, Abyei status is not different from Nuba Mountain and Blue Nile . They all fought no doubt, but that do not make them part of South Sudan . And that explains why every region got its protocol, in which its citizens will be asked whether they want to remain in North or join South Sudan .

But President Salva Kiir and his associates: Dr. Luka Biong, minister of presidential affairs in GOSS,  Gier Chung, minister of interior and George Athur, Deputy Chief of staff wanted to prove the late Chairman of SPLM Dr. John Garang de Mobior wrong and waged a war in Abyei which cost SPLA lives in peace time for unclear reasons.

Not only that, but also in South it has become clear that Kiir is allegedly under full influence of Dr. Luka Biong and Deng Alor ministry of Foreign Affairs who both are from Abyei. The plan is to defuse the South Sudan case if Abyei has to remain in North. It seems Abyei is more important than South Sudan according to Kiir behavior of governing.

More seriously, President Kiir has become a more tribal or ethnic leader, and wanted in 21stCentury to implement the same old communists leaders’ ideology such: Joseph Stalin in USSR and Joseph Tito in Yugoslavia , which their ideology were rejected by their own people. The ideology where Russian and Serbian ethnic culture were imposed over other communities in the name of communism. But today, there is no USSR or Yugoslavia because what’s based on wrong foundation and lies will not last. Let him remember that communist ideology is over and how international community faced both two states during Bosnia war. People of South Sudan are eager to democracy and rule of law, not dictators killing innocent citizens because it happens not from their communities .

What I want the whole Sudanese and international community to know, is that the ongoing violence in South Sudan is not accidental.  It’s an organized crime by President, Kiir and his associates  to impose their tribal culture, where killing other communities and taking their land is legitimate under his leadership. Similar to what Russian and Serbian did in Russia and Yugoslavia . If President Kiir is not removed, South Sudan may be heading to another Rwanda or Somalia .

The method they use, is when the authorized SPLA- Dinka, who are victims themselves,  attack non-Dinka communities across the whole South Sudan , the government of South Sudan “GOSS” described it as tribal violence. When non-Dinka communities defend themselves and fight back, the GOSS and the SPLA spokesperson, Kuol Dimo Kuol comes out always and talks about militia supported by National Congress Party “NCP”. 

The aim is to confuse and deceive the world that South Sudan is under attack. Therefore, the official mandate to authorize Sudan People Liberation Army “SPLA” the army of South Sudan to carry out ethnic cleansing, has to be endorsed under umbrella of fighting NCP.

The bottomline, President Kiir doesn’t represent the SPLM party principles of justice, equality, freedom, and democratic transformation in Sudan . Nor represents all Dinka ideology. He represents tribal leader caring fascist / communist ideology similar to Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Tito, and list go on.

Finally, I warn the international community to intervene and watch President Kiir closely; otherwise the nation building in South Sudan will disintegrate into ten independent states like Yugoslavia and the sacrifices of two millions who died in the name of country would have gone in vain.


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