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Possible and Impossible in SPLM Attempts By: Deng Mulwal
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Sep 6, 2009 - 8:24:23 PM

Possible and Impossible in SPLM Attempts

By: Deng Mulwal


SPLM is ascertained that it is difficult and impossible to conquer the SPLM-DC led by Dr. Lam Akol through using the power and violence. This ascertainment came after several attempts that lasted for weeks to execute arrests and assassinations in different parts of the country to eliminate the new born movement.

Such practice is considered as a sign of the SPLM weakness and its fears that the new movement will pull the carpet from under its feet as the SPLM-DC gained a wide support amongst the southerners.

According to observers, the SPLM Chairman personally is leading a trend within his movement to launch dialogue and negotiations with Dr. Lam Akol to find a way out for reaching an agreement to bring Dr. Akol back to the movement which he split from.

Observers concerned in the southern issue think that reaching a solution with Dr. Lam Akol is possible but it will cost the SPLM a lot.
However, if the SPLM leadership agreed to sit with Dr. Akol, that means the latter has succeeded to force the former to accept his conditions which is not that difficult to implement.

Such a step would be dangerous as it will persuade others to follow suit and splinter from the movement for more pressure on the SPLM.
Another important thing is that such a step means that Dr. Akol has managed to make a kind of change within the SPLM and its way of leading the movement a matter that will anger John Garang’s sons such as Arman and his likes who have their own agenda but they pretend that they are talking the SPLM tongue.

Definitely the return of Dr. Lam Akol to the SPLM will prove practically that the movement had politically oppressed Dr. Akol when it removed him from his post as a Foreign Minister in the GoNU despite his success and subsequent replacement with Deng Alor who has added nothing to the movement, but in the contrary he doubled its crisis.

It seems that the only availed option before the SPLM, if it is serious to keep with its political gains, is to regain Dr. Lam Akol, and that step comes within its Chairman's call for unity and sustainable partnership with the NCP.
Such a move from the SPLM leadership will bring the movement back to its political maturity which is lost for a long time.




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