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Possibility of Having Election in Sudan; Is Narrowing By: Mayar Mayar Kout
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Dec 17, 2009 - 4:25:40 PM

Possibility of Having Election in Sudan ; Is Narrowing  


By: Mayar Mayar Kout

All political Forces, popular & Syndicated Organizations, Feminists groups, Students Union and Civil Society Organs, all have   anticipated the Election in the country with enthusiast and optimistic mood. However they have reservations on many issues, some are    that, their organs think to be important matters for all political forces in the country, need to be resolve before we even thinking about election’s trail.       


Over all, there are some important measures; their consideration is a crucial, as conditions of going forward.   Whether there will be election in the Country or not   perhaps, the consensus for all political forces at national wide, I think rely only on the possibility of having election in April 2010. However, it’s impossible at this stage where the National Congress Party (NCP) of Omar al- Bashir’s party, is still holding sticks on all key powers in the country. They have immigrant some and some already marginalized in their own country.


But, there is some hopes and positive signals from fellow citizens, political forces and others organs that, (NCP)party will be comply with urgent needs for changing of direction our country is heading wrongly towards.   However, I believe in notion that, if there is enthusiasm or optimistic from our politicians from all different aisle are,   still  need to study very well  the NCP’s mental and ideology before engaging them politically.


Here are the conditions I think those political organs should use to test the water of National Congress Party (NCP); readiness on political issues and political discourse in the country. And at the same time vetting process would be based on two or more scenarios. All of each has to be consisting with a tangible change of behaviors and attitude of NCP and its approaches tactics on the following issues; those measures, they will be considered as benchmarks tests to NCP in order to have election in April 07, 2010.

Let take the SPLM party’s agendas and what they wanted to see happening in order to build a trust with their partner NCP; first of all, the SPLM is demanding list of outstanding issues are limited into three or four cases and these considered to be in core issues in (Naviasha Agreement); Comprehensive Peace Agreement CPA; mostly things on that Agreement are to be summarize as follows;

Population Census’s percentage: that was allocated to the southern Sudan a figure of 8.9% as their population it has been rejected by ordinary citizens in south at the same time the ruling party SPLM in southern Sudan.

Secondly: the “Border’s Demarcation” between (north – south ) boundaries it’s yet un resolved therefore, the aspects of military tensions are still existence  and threatening normal relationship between two partners. And that it has a virtually created misunderstanding because of the significance of it is CPA. And touch clauses so it would be so difficult for SPLM party to declare a concession in one paragraph in that Agreement of 2005.   Both two elements in CPA are presenting a live and die issues in the minds of every citizens in southern Sudan as well as other marginalizes areas.


Another factor, it’s very important in CPA; Agreement but the SPLM has got consensus support from others political forces nationwide, on the of ( Security Secret’s Agency ) in the country. SPLM party and those political organs think that, the recent structure of security agency does not served multiple parties  systems   in the country therefore the SPLM propose, its dissolution of agency then it   will be restructure or reform nationally, that will serve all Sudanese interest and  not one party’s agenda.

In addition to their concern that, as our country heading into democratic election which is require at least a “ Free and Fair Election”; that meaning they cannot  leave a security agency of Omar al-Basiher’s party to operate during election days   it will be a definite threat to others parties from their security point of view. And that’s serving interest of doubt from many political activists whom previously had experienced a National Congress Party’s behavior and attitude in election fraudulence in (1990s – 2000s).


Lastly, SPLM and its allies at national level they have consensus position especially in many the issues from Election Act 2008, National Security Agency and Referendum laws. .. Etc ultimately the resolution of those issues, will give a warrant all freedom rights in the country. All others rights associated with freedom.   For example the peaceful demonstrations, Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Express. And by passing of these laws will expand a political participation in the country, and especially in election of April 07, 2010.

To close, my remarks I truly believe that, having election in Sudan, will  depend only on the progress in many tracks as I have mentioned above, the SPLM has its own issues who they think to be un negotiable if there is tangible progress on these issues of census, Referendum Laws and Border’s Demarcations. In addition to others issues that concerning national level in the country which SPLM party and its allies are working in collectively with a hope to see tangible solutions tackling the things and moving them into the right directions.


A writer is Computer Engineer, and he’s recently in United States, state of NH.

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