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Nuer seeking independence from both the south and the north of Sudan by Johan Gatjock
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May 4, 2009 - 11:15:45 AM

Nuer seeking independence from both the south and the north of Sudan



Through out the sudan history and during the British colonization of sudan , the   south was the most marginalized area in sudan but, the south it self differs in marginalization ,if you go to Goba or Malakal you will find   British government   Antiquities like , schools , hospitals, and government building, but in the south there is an area that is badly neglected , it is Nuer area, if you visit bentiu before the   oil extraction you would be surprise , in bentiu there was no hospital before 2006 there was no school even there was no governmental office , there   were just cottages that the ministers call them ministries , the whole thing was that there was only building owned by a Sudanese officer transformed to ministry of health . the rest of the building whether governmental or owned by citizens were cottages made of grass , in 2004 ministry of oil started to build the big hospital and the ministries building that finish in 2006  the same year when  bentiu hospital was inaugurated , and the bridge that links rubkona to bentiu   was build and the rood between Rubkona and bentiu was opened , it was true that the period between 2005 to 2006 was a honey moon period for Nuer community that they haven’t encountered since their creation on the earth they injoyed peace and saw by thier eyse the features of civilization, but since that time ,there haven’t been any changes , under the government of SPLA things has changed to the worth , infrastructures building has stop ,all mony are being distributed to the uncountable number of solders who are increasing day by day . Governors are busy by collecting money and transferring them abroad or to secret accounts in Khartoum . I can   bravely say that ( we regret the loss Gallabah era ) when there was reward for peace agreement bentiue was about to become a civilized town and the services extended to Mankin and nyaldeo and service , off course they were not begged and they did not deserved to be begged to offer such   services, that was their moral responsibility for three  reasons, they want to remove the agonizing memories of the war, they want to attract Nuer for sudan unity   . and they want reward the oil area what they deserve .The vast amount of oil that is being taken from their land should de offset by this services, however they were serious in doing so , but unfortunately chaos reigned after the absent of the strong central government of Sudan the only thing that SPLA give us as Nuer citizen is divisions and Nuer intertribal fighting accordingly me and other Nuer educated individuals call for Nuer state the is independent from both the south and the north .and we are going to establish a strong movement that calls for this ultimate gol.   


Johan Gatjock  

Robkona   Unity state

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