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New Qualitative Move in Corruption Series in Southern Sudan By: Deng Mulwal
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Aug 20, 2009 - 9:21:54 AM

New Qualitative Move in Corruption Series in Southern Sudan

By: Deng Mulwal


Eight billion Sudanese pounds earmarked for buying relief for the affected people in the South is the last amount to disappear in corruption scandal in the South. According to news reports this amount of eight billion was swallowed by a number of governors of the southern Sudan states.
The issue is still under investigation so the number of corrupt officials has not yet been revealed.

The question that poses itself is will the concerned authorities be able to bring those officials to account?

This big amount of money has been allocated basically to purchase five million tons of sorghum to bridge the gap of food shortages in several parts of Southern Sudan .

The disaster here has two dimensions each of them is worst than the other.
The first dimension is the continuation of corruption despite the establishment of anti-corruption commission a matter that indicates that the officials of this commission are handcuffed.

The second indication is that the money stolen was allocated to avoid famine in the South which indicates that the corrupt officials want to create a mass genocide of their own people by famine.

The parliament in the south deliberated the issue but it seems that nothing will be done as usual due to the tribal factor which protects its members from being brought into account.

According to the recent statistics the actual needs to bridge the food gap in the South is amounting to US$44 million.

The field survey conducted by the GoNU, GoSS, and UN agencies revealed that the humanitarian situations in some areas is deteriorating due to insecurity which resulted from LRA attacks and tribal conflicts in Jonglei and Upper Nile.

However, GoSS is urged to deal seriously with the issue in transparency and bring the corrupt officials to account because this time it is affecting directly the poor citizens whose lives are threatened. Moreover GoSS does not feed these people and at the same time does not help in securing the funds allocated for their sorghum. 




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