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National Interest first By Kenjok D, Bentiu
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Mar 22, 2010 - 7:06:31 PM


National Interest first


By Kenjok D, Bentiu


In the mid of mounting political maneuvers within the Sudan and the south specifically; given the hovering political and military threats from our traditional enemy in the north, southern political parties should abandon their misguided political ideologies and cooperate with the Sudan peoples liberation Movement (SPLM) to realized the dream of freeing the marginalized Sudanese majority, who have for long suffered on the whims of tyrannical regimes whose hegemony has for decades caused havoc.


Although the fundamental principles of democracy permits people to exercise their democratic right in whatever way they deem appropriate, it is also wise to appraise the political environment in which politicians want to exercise their democratic rights. At the moment ,it is premature for southerners to divide themselves along the political parties because southern Sudan is in the crossroad of making a fundamental change to its status qua, a fundamental change that requires unity; a change where all southerners should be one regardless of their ideological differences. We need to acknowledge that Southerners have not secured their independent State to start internal political wrangling, scenario which characterize their past, not only along political lines but along the tribal lines. This misguided expression and execution democracy and freedom is not only risky but also dangerous for the development of already under-developed southern Sudan.


The point here is not to discourage multi-party system in southern Sudan, but multi party system flourish in conductive political environment where people can freely exercise their democratic right without hindrance. It is imperative that the southern Sudanese unite, relinquish their divisive politics of short term interests and put the national interest first.


Our internal differences should not prevent us to look at a bigger picture, all southerners have stakes in this country regardless of differences and we all must be proud of ultimate sacrifices in bringing the CPA. Protecting CPA had proven to be a tough and mass to carry for a divided public. Therefore southern political should forge a coalition to transcend their political aspirations on the Southern Agenda regardless of their differences and defend the CPA. By doing this southern Sudan will achieve its objective and prove to the world that they can not be distracted from their long term vision.   


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