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NEC Committee Approved, A Week for Registration By: Mayar Mayar Kout
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Nov 26, 2009 - 12:36:18 PM

NEC Committee Approved, A Week for Registration


By: Mayar Mayar Kout

          As we are heading into a final week of voter registration at the end of this month, all political forces across the country have called openly about the necessity of extension of the registration for another month or at less weeks to allow their constituencies to register. Some parties have already taken workable step to appeal officially to High Electorate Commission for the extension of registration process its continuation. However, the NEC Committee and National Congress Party were not cooperating with all attempts by Political Forces, Syndicated Organizations and Civil Society Organs.


Ironically, there were an early attitudes and behaviors which were shown from day one when a National Congress Party (NCP); and the Sudan Peoples’ Liberation Movement (SPLM); during the selection of this NEC Committee’s members. My observations were there, in that process as matter of facts al-Bashir’s party has selected people who, they know very well their political affiliation, personality, principles and personal character. That was a criterion had used to qualify those of northerners Sudanese.


But the formula of getting southerners Sudanese was simple. The NCP Committee had  come up with list of what so called (Nationalist Southerners Sudanese); that’s obtain definitely some respectful people and public figures in that Committee like   Uncles Abel, Aliar, Mr.Ajang, Alak, and Dr. Mum. The selection of southerners, is usually measured by personality in which person has to be cool character, nice and not twitchy.

Over all, the above analysis I made has resulted into exactly what is happening now days within the registration’s process. Those who planted by National Congress Party (NCP); are allowing al- Basiher Party to hijack the voting registration process. It’s going on their ways which will favor a one party, that’s a cause of those nice groups of southern Sudanese who, they called nationalists but I am going to give you some evidence that, NCP has an influence every single work of NEC High Elections Commission Teams and the following are finding facts:


First of all, look at how this Committee dealt with the case of southerners Sudanese who, are in neighboring Countries, such as Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Republic of Congo-DC and Uganda    they have already exempted from registration process, and the reason, this Committee saying in open session, is that these groups of southerners Sudanese’s Refugees, they don’t have identifications to prove their Nationality.

That’s not a fact; those Refugees have their United Nation’s Identifications that’s enough to prove their status as they are Sudanese. Secondly they are all living in UN compounds around the country sides in the above mentioned countries. So nothing would justify Uncle Abel, Aliar and his Committee's position of excluding our peoples from southern Sudan.

A weird things, that surprise all of us, is when those bourgeois’ of southern Sudanese are represented in “Nation Election Committee” (NEC); and still to see National Congress Party its finger print on everything this Committee’s performing, the NCP party were able to influent Chairman of NEC by letting its voting registration’s Teams  to be expanding to  register all those of Sudanese in  Gulfs Countries , United Arab Emirate Dubbai, Saudi Kingdom, Egypt, El-Kuet Kingdom, Jordon, Syria and Lebanon.


Meanwhile, representative of southerners are playing, a watch-dogs role, they not even outrage by exclusion of their typical citizens who are exempted from voting registration process. But the question though would be, is voting becoming a rights for all citizens or it’s privilege for the fewer peoples in the country? Answer, as far I know it’s a right, all of us entitle to exercise it. The Election’s Act 2008; has given that assurance of rights.   Therefore, it’s constitutional to have those who live in Diaspora and neighboring to be register, and have them vote in the election and Referendums 2011.

Another, evidence of National Congress Party (NCP); and its fraudulence behavior to steal everything. When the SPLM and others political parties; have requested the expansion of voting registration for (month – two weeks); that’s consensus position for almost of many parties in the country.

Once again, the Vice President of the Republic of Sudan Mr. Ali Osman had proposed a one week for voting registration extension that initiative was from first week of November 2009; at Press Conference in Khartoum.   Since the registration begin officially, then the irony, that NEC Committee ignored all political parties their requesting  for (month – two weeks); instead this Committee took Ali, Osman’s  proposal of one week extension which it’s serve our interest of doubt, on process. On the other hands, it could be    interpreted as a clear bias of Chairman of NEC and his Teams of backing up (NCP’s); agenda and supporting a party’s vision on election fraud in April 2010.

Lastly, I truly believe that, those so called “National Election Committee, NEC”; are typical in bandwagon of National Congress Party NCP; as their records proved evidently, their actions without  doubt it’s tell   where they stand on the  issues. This party’s political agenda does influence NEC Committee’s position, attitude, behavior and fraud tactic. However the SPLM party should stay alert    watching those of Uncles of southern Sudanese.


A Writer is a Computer Engineer, he reside in Juba southern Sudan.

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