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Making Justice is a Political pinyana in south Sudan. By: Daniel Abushery Daniel
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May 26, 2010 - 10:25:27 PM

Making Justice is a Political pinyana in south Sudan .

By: Daniel Abushery Daniel

We all know that; south Sudan is homogenous society, different tribes, culture, tradition, ethnicity, religion, and political affiliation. Above all these; we have one thing in common patriotism to a land called south Sudan.

In my previous articles, if not all of them; I am always trying to stress and maintain our solidarity, the word that our enemy doesnít want as to achieve, and said to my self that I will continue on that line until the whole south will united under one concept (south is the first, south is the second, and south is for ever).

First of all the government of south Sudan members are not angles, they are human, subject to commit mistakes like others, but there is no justification to any wrong doings under the law, and every body can exercise  their constitution rights, again under the law.

Herby, the point that I am trying to make, is about current event of well known hero, and outstanding veteran, and former deputy  chief of staff for south Sudan Armed Forces, known as SPLA, Major general George Athur Deng who is lately contested for Gonglei state governorship post, and won by his opponent Governor elect Comrade Kual Man yang Juuk. Guys, I donít care if the election was rigged or not, we have to follow the right procedures, and not to take the law on our own hands.

 To be honest, for former general George to take arms and turned them against his own soldiers in Dalibb hill, the soldiers that he used to commands during struggle. As I strewed above that; general Athur was outstanding officer without any doubt, but what he had done to his soldiers is bazaar, despicable, and can not be condone under any circumstances, as son of this land ( south Sudan )  I personally condemned this hyena act , especially when itís came from highly respectable man like George Athur.

Believe me, that is the nature of elections all over the world, there is no perfect election, even in one of the bigger democracy in the world ďthe united states of AmericaĒ, if you are following 2000 election between President George W. Bush, and Vice president Al gore in Florida, but Gore didnít rebelled against his people, we should learn from that. We donít want what happen to our heroes; Karbino, William Nyoun, just to mention the few, to repeat itself. Please, we donít want another rebellion before CPA ink dried, or to loose another hero in vain.

In Ė conclusion, my advice to demagogues, and war mongers, who are supporting General George based on tribe affiliation or sectionals tide, by giving a good advices to him, because totally  the man was confused, also I urged both government, and SPLA army to act wisely, and fast before it s too late. With due respect; General Athur under Criminal Justice System is a fugitive, and must brought to Justice, now is an innocent until proven guilty in the court of law.

The author is a Criminal Justice System Graduate, Phoenix, AZ, U S A, and can be reached at [email protected] or [email protected] .

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