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Lubna Hussein: A Fake Struggler Against Unjust Islamic Law By Dr. James Okuk
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Sep 9, 2009 - 9:11:02 AM

Lubna Hussein: A Fake Struggler Against Unjust Islamic Law  

By Dr. James Okuk  

Something mysterious was not right about Ms. Lubna’s UN immunity. She was issued UN ID after Public Order Police (POP) police arrested her. This was a saving attempt from her close relatives and boyfriend working in the UN to rescue her from the pain of Islamic hippo whip. This cheating was detected by the Immunities and Privileges Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Sudan. Lubna and her Lawyers felt ashamed and so they had no option but to give up the lie and denounce the UN immunity.  

However, this is not the main issue here. My concern is how Lubna and her lawyers played a political game on the Sharia Law codes in order to try her partially with a fine that does not make her feel the pain. What is $200 for an international easy-going woman like Lubna? She can pay it instantly and then go back on Khartoum streets to wear even tighter trouser that makes the map of her front part visible to viewers. The verdict was not fair and the Islamic Judge who adjudicated her charges was not fair and faithful to implement the Sharia Law as it is required: 40 lashes in the court and $200 fine. This judge should be fired for his infidelity to the Middle Age unjust Islamic Law in the contemporary Sudan.  

Why should women of Southern Sudan who were arrested by POP together with Lubna be fined with $200, which is difficult for them to afford and also flogged with 40 lashes and then Lubna be left out with a fine only? Why segregation from the Northern Islamic Judges in Khartoum!!! This is one of the cases that make Southerners bitter and separatists at any cost. It is unfair. I hate this segregation even if it is segregation in injustice!!!!  

Now Lubna turned out to be a fake struggler against the Islamic Unjust Laws in the Sudan whose bitter and painful burdens have been bone by poor Southerners in the North since the time of despot President Numeiri. Women of Southern Sudan  as well as men do not have a religious problem to wear any dress, leave alone walking naked as God created them. They know how to control their immoralities. Hating to see women semi-naked or indecently dressed as they call it is the problem of the Islamic North. But the irony is that the prisons in the North are full of women from Southern Sudan who have been convicted with the same charges as Lubna's, yet the World is silent about this. What an unfair and partial International Community?  

Don’t mistake me; I am not defending the Islamic unjust law because I admired the challenge of Lubna in the first days and her journalistic capacity to draw world’s attention on her struggle with the bad laws against Sudanese women. I want these laws to be changed because they are Anti-CPA and Anti-Interim Constitution of the Sudan but Lubna and her lawyers disappointed me by playing cowards of the hippo whips and prisons. She should have refused to get out from the comfortable section of the prison she was put in until those unjust Islamic Laws got abolished in Sudan.  

Now Lubna is out of the Prison, paid the fine indirectly and escaped the 40 lashes. Her struggle has become fake and valueless and good for nothing except the dustbin of oppression struggle. Now she is free to fly to Paris to enjoy life with her new boyfriend, President Sarkozy who has already invited her. Let her go and even take naked pictures there with him. She betrayed the struggle of poor women who are still suffering in Sudanese prison now because of the unjust Sharia Law. Fake Communist Arab woman struggler!!! I am disappointed with her being acquitted without first changing the bad Islamic Laws against Sudanese women!!!

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