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Let Deng Alor Keep Off his Mouth From CPA Democratic Progress By Dr. James Okuk
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Jan 30, 2010 - 5:03:34 PM

Let Deng Alor Keep Off his Mouth From CPA Democratic Progress
By Dr. James Okuk
It is just a dull and nonsensical statement to say the SPLM will boycott the elections regarding the competition for seats allocated to National Lagislative Assembly in Khartoum but will go for elections on the seat allocated to Southern Sudan Legislative Assembly in Juba.
April 2010 electioins is just one general elections withpout exception and it is not a one-party contest. If the SPLM choose to boycott any of the seats at any of the level of the government, it is sure that other political parties who shall be contesting will be declared winners to take up the government power at differernt levels bestowed on them by the people. Thus, with boycott or no boycott, many SPLM wrong leaders shall be losers and that is why they are panicking now as people appraoch the polling dates.
Imagine, some big fishes in the SPLM have already boycotted the elections because they have not or have not been nominated for elections contests. Why are they afraid of people' voice in the ballot boxes? In which constituency is Mr. Deng Alor Kuol contesting in the coming elections so that people could take him seriously as a politician who is hunting for power through people's confidence in the ballot boxes rather than getting chances from Salva Kiir's dictatorial appointements? Is Mr. Alor contesting in Abyei or is he contesting in any constituency of Southern Sudan? Southerners are just tired and disgusted with the Abyei Ministers who run here and there in an attempt to complicate and confuse the desirabale democratic politics and procedures. Oh my God when will the refererndum date arrive so that we get to know whether the gentlemen of Abyei around Salva Kiir and closer to his dull ears are going to be Southerners or will continue to be Northerners as their status is now!!!!
If the justification for the would-be boycott is the census results, then the SPLM leaders would look intelligent if they boycott the whole elections without exceptions since the seats allocated to SSLA in that same elections stems from the results of 2008 National Census. The South should not be an exception refuge for incomptent SPLM leaders with bad decisions.
Any elections boycott at this moment will have its bad consequences on SPLM politcal life and power survival. The people will just forget about the SPLM as it withers away like the rest of liberation movements in the past that are now enjoying their history status in the dustbin of past events in the Sudan.
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