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Kiir's Incompetency Has Thrown South Sudan into uncertain and darkest future BY: Aaron Yong, USA
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Dec 28, 2009 - 9:51:10 PM

Kiir's Incompetency Has Thrown South Sudan into uncertain and darkest future

BY: Aaron Yong, USA


Anyone who has never lived in Juba since the establishment of GOSS would not know the magnitude of corruption schemes, a system ran-out of control that GOSS President Kiir Mayar has led the South Sudan as a nation into. The corruption, mismanagement, theft of public money and public property is unimaginable and un-parallel to any corruption scheme that had ever happened in Africa or else where in the World.


Three incidences of corruption stand out vividly in my view as someone who lived in Juba :-

1. The former finance minister in GOSS, Arthur Akuien Chol, allegedly stole $600 Millions US dollars.

2. Gen. Salva Mathok Geng allegedly stole 293 millions..

3. The mysterious disappearance of the maize sacks which were at the tune of almost a billion dollars.

All of the above assets, money and property, if were used wisely could have actually put South Sudan on a level of some parts of Kenya and Uganda in terms of development.


However, president Kiir personal incompetence has resulted into a huge corruption, tribalism, nepotism, mismanagement mixed with murdering and assassination of those who attempted to point out the right policy directions.

The above thieves are from the president's tribe and were actually stealing allegedly for the group including the president. They money and maize sacks which were stolen from South Sudanese people were distributed among Gogrial and Malwal communities in Warrap and Northern Bhar el Ghazel states.

Arthur Akuein, allegedly owns the four-star hotel called 'Home-and-Away' in Juba and a personal Jet, while Mathok Geng owns fleets of regional buses that run from Uganda to all over South Sudan .

Juba is being ran in a mafia-style and this is not what the South Sudanese sacrificed 2 millions of their lives, huge numbers of disabled and amputees leaving behind widows and orphans who are now insulted and daily abused by Kiir and his clan mafia and gangs.


Actions of Kiir-led clan gang-mafia baffled and left many friends of South Sudan in a resigned mood in the region and internationally and is actually scaring away developers and future support from our friends and allies.


Given the fact that South Sudan is in an election season, Kiir and his gang-mafia must be yanked out once and for all. They are giving bad signals and already have demonstrated to the rest of the world that South Sudanese are incapable of managing their own affairs and develop their country.

It is time that new leadership has to be tried. Kiir is known to be a man of mis-opportunities since he was in the movement. No single town, allegedly,   was ever successfully liberated or defended against the enemy under Kiir's commanded force. His contributions during the liberation shows what he can make when he became the president.

Enough is enough, South Sudanese cannot afford another four years of Kiir incompetence, mismanagement, cronyism, corrupt and micro-managed theft of public property. Kiir and his clan gang-mafia must go.

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