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In The Aftermath Of Kanana (2): Where Do We Go From Here? By: Luk Kuth Dak
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Nov 18, 2009 - 10:10:02 AM

In The Aftermath Of Kanana (2): Where Do We Go From Here?


“ Entire ignorance is not so terrible or extreme an evil, and is far from being the greatest of all; too much cleverness and too much leaning, accompanied with ill bringing-up, are far more fatal.”



By: Luk Kuth Dak


Sometimes I consider myself extremely lucky for being able to read, write and speak the Arabic language to the level that I was not only able to use it in making a descent living as newspaper correspondence, a radio anchorman and a press secretary, but it’s also given an opportunity of a lifetime to get to know, first-hand, the war that’s being waged against the South by the bigoted North, and how the Arab invaders really think about the black people of South Sudan and Africa in general. I would be the first to admit that the Arabic newspapers, are the source of most of the material in some of my previous columns, about the “ Jalaba golden boys”.

On November, 15, 2009 ( al Akhbar al Yom) Arabic daily newspaper quoted a South Sudanese, a Nuer, I suppose, ( even though he can’t complete a sentence in Nuer) and a chairman of some political party headquartered in one of the most luxurious suburban of the capital Khartoum, and who lives in a multimillion-dollar home nearby, not to mention his latest model vehicle, as saying “ The 50 + 1 margin to determine the separation of South Sudan is unacceptable. It should be a 100%, he said.” “ South should not separate anyway, because Sudan is big enough for everybody, he barked.


Obviously, the scoundrel politician who has mastered the art of manipulation and shortcuts to the world of wealth without having to sweat, did not disappoint his masters in the so-called National Islamic Front (NIF) where his pay check comes from, simply because, the most treacherous statement he made, has never been disgorged before even by the most vicious enemies and haters of the South, the likes of the bigoted extremists: Nafia Ali Nafia, Mustafa Osman, and Muhammad Mundour al Mahedi. He not only did he try to make separation difficult, a position taken publicly by the National Congress Party (NCP), but he wants to make it impossible all together.


That Nuer’s son is none other than David de Chand, the Chairman of the so-called South Sudan Democratic Front (SSDF), who continues to put the second largest tribe in one box, and appoints himself their only spokesman. “ The Nuer will not allow the Dinka to rule the South,” he claimed. That’s as treacherous as it gets. Virtually, any time one puts a group of people in a box, that person is doing a disservice to that group. It’s more like someone white man suggesting that all black people are stupid. After all, the Nuer people do not think or behave the same. Certainly, it’s an undeniable truth that the vast majority in the Nuer nation are terrific human beings, who have given so much to the South Sudan’s struggle, but who are amazingly dead- silent about the acts of evil coming from the very few, of David’s like. Unfortunately, we are all- collectively, paying the price with our reputation being trashed by that selfish few.


In addition, as hurtful and dangerous as his remakes were, I was not taken by surprised. Not at all. Of most of the South Sudanese people, I can categorically say that I know the traitor so very well, indeed, that I no longer take him very seriously. But if there’s someone out there who wants to learn more about the so-called Professor, David de Chand, you do not need to look somewhere else other then to contact me, and I will be more that happy to feed you with everything you needed to know about this con artist, David de Chand.


In 1987, I attended Morris Brown College next to the Atlanta University where he alleges to have receive his PhD from. Not only that, we were living in the same apartment complex ( Park Town North) in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. I saw him everyday. He drove to work before Kormach Gak Deng and me bought an old Volkswagen to take us to school and back home.


By all accounts, David is not stupid. He’s also a likeable person. But he sure worships the “ mighty” dollar so much that he can smell the blood-money  from thousands of miles away, which is how he ended up in Khartoum, the “ paradise” of “ Jalaba golden boys”.


Final thought:


Eventually, there is no force in world that can stop the great people of South Sudan from determining their future in 2011 the referendum, only thirteen months away.


We owe that victory not only to our fallen and living war heroes, but to the next generation as well.


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