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Governor & Deputy Governor of WES Under Constitutional Violation (Article 29 (1-2) By Elias Gaaniko
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Sep 15, 2009 - 3:29:18 PM

Governor & Deputy Governor of WES Under Constitutional Violation (Article 29 (1-2)


By Elias Gaaniko


The Yambio illegal arrest of more that 27 SPLM-DC under the direct order of WES Governor H.E. Nunu Kumba and the Deputy Governor of WES H. E. Col Joseph Ngere is a violation of article 29 (1-2) of the interim constitution that grand the right of every Sudanese citizens to associate and to form their own party of their choice. Why on earth Nunu and Ngere do not understand this?


Which parts of the constitution are NOT clear to the authority in the WES so that we can explain to them?


With this alarming news from the WES the SPLM-DC leadership in Khartoum has met and is working round the clock to see immediate release and prevent such act of an lawful arrest and intimidation and illegal detention of our citizens throughout Sudan.


SPLM-DC leadership has also met with the GoSS vice President Dr. Riak Machar who is currently in Khartoum. We are launching campaigning for large scale mass media including peaceful demonstration within Khartoum here with letters to the international communities and the embassies for the Bushmen, and ignorant GoSS leadership act against free citizens of WES.


The SPLM authorities and their security organ continue to demonstrate their administrative, political and security-wise failures in WES. It is alarming to notify our audience that more arrests have happened and the number of the SPLM-DC members as reported today tolls to twenty eight (28).


As stated in yesterday's release the 18 SPLM-DC members who were arrested and detained in a hideous point in Yambio outskirt have, as suspected, undergone a very cruel, uncivilized, barbaric and difficult mode of check that could be perpetrated only by the enemies of freedom, democracy, justice and equality.


The WES Governor and her Deputy will be hold responsible for the physiological damage inflicted into the lives of these innocent Sudanese citizens. 

We repeat and here by sending STRONG warning that Time of Ignorant and lawlessness of a jungle laws by the GoSS tribal militia in the form of our gallant SPLA soldier is no longer holding water to entertain.


These SPLM-DC members, as was reported, were stripped out of their outfits including their inner wears. The intend was to steal every money they could find in these SPLM-DC members' possession. It is sad to state that of these free innocent citizens who had made their will to join SPLM-DC party some were stripped before the eyes of their intimate fathers, daughters, sons and brothers.


Stripping innocent citizens before the eyes of their relatives is a gross misconduct as far as any government is concerned. Individual privacy and dignity of a citizen is a priority in any good concerned government. The SPLM-GOSS has lost all repetition and meaning of being the peoples' government as far as every logic can tell.


Loss of Lives and Properties have been the everyday talk in WES and sadly enough none has ever heard of the crack down on culprits and gangsters like the LRA or military uniformed criminals who loiter within Yambio every evening and inflict unforgettable wounds and pains in the lives of the innocent citizens of WES by the SPLM authorities who now forcefully impose themselves as governing body to the people of South Sudan.


The SPLM-DC leadership once more condemns the act and asks for the immediate release of its members. It is illogical too to learn that the SPLM authorities in WES have resorted to the weak acts of threatening SPLM-DC members who are serving as government employees and subjecting ex-soldiers to forcefully follow them blindly and not to join any political party apart from SPLM. This is a very sad part we have never heard in any part of political development anywhere in the world.


Ex-soldiers are no longer under the SPLM charge and are not paid by SPLM,how could the SPLM security organ obstruct these group from joining political parties of and from their own free wills? SPLM party, which is currently governing the South Sudan, has become a champion of bad record in the Sudan or South Sudan government history.


Elias Gaaniko

Assistant Secretary General Eqautotria Sector

SPLM-DC, Khartoum , Sudan

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