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Government of southern Sudan, and the process to, a democratic system! By: Daniel A. Daniel
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Dec 5, 2009 - 9:56:09 AM

Government of southern Sudan, and the process to, a democratic system!



By: Daniel A. Daniel


Mel. Vic. Australia



In a nation building process, always, there are a host of huddles and obstacles to overcome. The  road to freedom is never an easy road paved with roses as the mind set of many people. Eventually, the new born country must pass through tough economic and political difficulties, and south Sudan is not examined from these on going periodic visit of times. Therefore, we should be humble and an enthusiastic, but also proud and auxiliary.



It's a matter of truth that  Sudan has never experienced the real democratic system after its independence from British, more than half of a century ago, pointedly since 1956, with three incomplete terms of governments, which eventually ended in a military coup. No violence, or any blood shed except in the southern regions of the country, where millions lost their precious lives, as it was mentioned in my previous article: Why south Sudan must go?, cry for Justice.



I have been very clear and positive in all my columns published in the webs or any political debates about my support for the Government of south Sudan ( Goss), due to the fact that, it's  my true believe that: “the destination of thousand miles starts with step”. South Sudan has smarts, and very brilliants people that can lead us to our destiny, and see the light at the end of the tunnel.



To make a long story short, banding of the so-called SPLM- DC in 10 states of South Sudan by H.E Loka M. Tombe,the Ministry of political affairs of the Government of south Sudan (Goss) is despicable, barbaric, and an  immature decision. First of all, we are living in 21st century, and in modern society, in which the freedom of expression, assembly, press, and religion are the norms of the age, and should never be undermined 



Secondly, it doesn’t make sense to single out, isolate, and banned the activity of any particular party from some part of the country. Don’t quote me wrong, I, am against the formation of so called SPLM- DC from the beginning, because it’s the extension of NCP/ NIF party, hiding in SPLM-DC's cloths, and should not be registered as party.



The point I, am deliberating here is that: though I was very disappointed by leaders of my own party ( the SPLM) in not preventing the registration of this fake party, the so- called SPLM - DC from the very begining, however,and by all acount, it is now too late to reverse the mistake, now that it’s a genuine and a legally registered party under the current law, and has all equal rights and duties to practice and participate fully in any political arena of their own choosing.



In my judgement, the only way to defeat the so-called SPLM-DC is not by restricting it's movements, but rather by challenging it, and by exposing their suspicious connections with the Ntional Congress Party, NCP and it's radical wing, the National Islamic Front, NIF. We should look forwards to the up coming elections as an opportunity to defeat them swiftly and squarly in such a way that the SPLM will once and for all proves its presence as the most popular and most legitimate majority party in the whole of South Sudan. That will be the death bed for the so- called SPLM – DC and all the rest of those fake parties out there.



In conclusion, It's a well known fact, and understandbly so that the Sudanese people are accustomed to a one ruling party since Sudan became an independent state in 1956. Indeed, it’s become part of their daily life. Therefore, when another side of the coin is revealed, it will most certainly be encountered with vicious resistance and hostility. After all, we're living in a homogeneous society. But we should always remind ourslves that: people do in fact agree to disagree. Don't make a free pass ticket for the so-called SPLM-DC to enter the game by banning them. Leave them alone, and we will meet them in the play ground.



Long live South Sudan solidarity, SPLM/A.



The author is a Criminal Justice graduate, Phoenix, AZ. Former Unity bank employee, Juba, Sudan, and can be reached at [email protected] OR[email protected].

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