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Go to Hague! by Hatim El-Medani
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Mar 22, 2010 - 5:20:39 PM

Go to Hague!

In an interview with the German Spiegel magazine Al-Bashir boasted that the ICC arrest warrant has  increased his popularity in Sudan and all allegations and charges are merely lies, conspiracy orchestrated from abroad, and denied unleashing the Janjaweed militia to slaughter civilians and burn villages.

Dubbed deservedly by the majority in Sudan not to mention within his own Islamist Jihadist assemblage wry " Liar", this not political sully itís the equable finding by all on his credibility as well. as matter-of-factness too its the countless too serious broad day light lies, he instigated, and eventually forced to admit he lied, but he comes with loud but and ifís, yet before each and every-time he had been exposed, he has been ceaselessly exuberantly contemplated on his propaganda to barricade him along with the (Maleish) culture personnel refutations stipulations to the masses at home. hence to this majority its well known he shamelessly lied from the beginning when he vigorously and ruthlessly by military force overthrow that time an elected government, and dubiously asked his Islamist party members in the NIF to go to prison cunningly claiming they are too were his victims, then he appeared openly on national broadcast to refutes artlessly the laudably known proof that he was a member of the Nimairi Mafia in the Islamist movement the NIF, or has any links with the Islamist then, he kept reiterating this baloney for periods then eventually when it became indisputable admitted he was not after all honest, then acknowledged it defiantly giving the pathetic red herring that he had been a leading member in the Islamist enterprise and part of its sleepers cell in the army and had to lie about it when they took power to harbor them from the international community anger and the archenemy of Islam as he puts it, yet the fact is he knew and his Islamist movement the NIF. They wouldn't have lasted a week if the Sudanese people had known from day one itís an Islamist coup.

Since, each rot he come up with, tailed by debatable, along with the usual insistence its nothing but the truth, and not long before he forced to an admission when red-handedness eventuate.

 It come to the point justly to say he doesn't care anymore to not fabricate figments on every issue unashamedly let alone denounces elementary evidences aptly too, today several Sudanese blog along with communities Website's sardonically publishes specific threads with headlines says: ''Bashir lies, archive counter''. and many compete to forecast how before long he will admit to the last one that comes, or perform the usual play on time U turn and twist, the shear tallies of untruths and U turns he does admit to every other day are countless, but the last serious one was his admission that his government did in fact had and used its fanatics extremist battalion in the infamous torture houses known as the ghosts houses or ghoul mansions, despite his previous continual denials that ever such things exist, and labeling right advocate of the victims as conspirators politically biased, though when a commander from his own  Sudan army highest brass illustrated about how he himself was tortured by Bashir Jihadis and how he was raped sickeningly in these torture houses, reference the account of Army officer Al Rayah allegation, albeit on transcribe and statements furnished by Bashir government on defense between 1992-98 in regard to human right violations, specially when then the UN Special Rapporteur Mr. Gaspar Biro, after an investigation report to the Commission in his capacity, at that time, as a Independent Expert submitted five reports to the Commission on Human Rights on the situation of human rights in the Sudan since 1993. Furthermore, he has submitted five interim reports to the UN General Assembly.

Where were all then damming conclusions against Al-Bashir government practices of torture and the tactically government cover up of rape along with other atrocity, sadly the UN failed as earlier as that time to take action, nevertheless Bashir and his commission then officially misleadingly produced numerous statements and correspondents to the UN and the international community completely denying the indicts and such practices of torture or the existence of the admitted now torture houses ever.!!  they went further then to demonizes the Special Rapporteur Mr. Gaspar Biro, reflecting on this isnít this mirroring today the citation leveled against present ICC prosecutor, yet on the charge of Mr. Gaspar Biro here seen as bygone and where now Bashir admitting to it, and to his lies then, this should be ample enough to bring him before any court of law for justice, and it should validate an urgent UN reopening of the indictments cataloged on that or any report.

 Al-Bashir obviously thinks the international community possesses short memory and he could always get away with it with the habitual Twist and Turn.

The fact that Bashir have to answer for too many too loathsome war atrocities and crime against his populace will not evanesce away, the ICC warrant since it was issued has in fact helped tremendously on the ground deterring many, but the AU,AL initiatives to dodge the executions of the warrant or to counter it in the name of peace before justice, has in fact brought about aught. But anger and disbelieve among the Sudanese, who now see all of these initiatives specially the one by Mr Tabo Mabiki group are exposed itself to be questionable spin doubtfully its for justice never mind peace!.

Hatim El-Medani


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