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GoSS Reshuffle and the Democratic Transformation By:James lol
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Jun 14, 2009 - 3:26:45 AM

GoSS Reshuffle and the Democratic Transformation

By:James lol


Last Sunday President of the Government of Southern Sudan (GoSS), 1st Lt. General Salva Kiir Mayardit has decreed a wide reshuffle within the cabinet and the SPLA. The reshuffle included relieving Minister of Finance and the SPLA leadership besides eight ministers and other administrative changes.

The infiltrated news revealed the intention of SPLM to make another reshuffle within its share in the Government of National Unity.
The recent reshuffle relieved the former SPLA Chief of Staff, Oyai Deng Ajak to hold the portfolio of the regional cooperation ministry.
It is known that Oyai Deng Ajak was one of the nearest SPLA elements to Late Dr. Garang.


The reshuffle also relieved Minister of Finance a matter which will keep him off from calling into account in the issue of violated drugs deal. It included promoting Lt. General Paulino Matip Nhial to the rank of 1st Lt. Gen. Nhial who is from Nuer tribe which witnessed tensions few days ago over the rod of their prophet.


This reshuffle comes as the elections are nearing and the no nomination of the SPLM candidate for the Presidency of GoSS or Sudan .
The south is witnessed tribal conflicts whose parties are Dinka, Nuer and Shuluk and within the Dinka themselves there are conflicts between Bor Dinka and other Dinkas in other areas.


Within this conflicts the population census results crisis in the south emerges as it revealed greater numbers of population in Jonglei compared to other states a matter that escalated tensions despite the fact that those who conducted the population process were from the south and through southerner enumerators.


The South is facing a financial crisis, corruption, and bloody tribal clashes which make the number of dead be more than Darfur according to the UN reports; all these together plus the changes in the regional governance and the power sharing in the central government.


The elections are nearing and what is going in the south threatens the democratic transformation and Sudan 's stability


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