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Geo-Obamanism Hits the Oppressed World: Iran Is Just the Beginning by Dr. Mohamed N. Bushara
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Jun 22, 2009 - 11:12:38 PM

Geo-Obamanism Hits the Oppressed World:   Iran Is Just the Beginning




Dr. Mohamed N. Bushara


The world watched & extraordinarily moved in a big way by the unprecedented triumph, which no other country will even begin to match it, when Obama was inaugurated as the first African-American president of the USA .   Many were shocked in disbelieve, particularly those high latitude Europeans who didn’t believe for a second that Obama was electable.   When I asked some of these individuals about their thoughts after Obama won, they were stunned and you can tell that they were not very happy.


Only “oppressed people” have appreciated by a greater measure this colossal change in humanity & multiculturalism brought by the change we can believe in.  A widespread optimism has overwhelmed the oppressed people everywhere who lost hope & are frustrated by their leaders & governments for not having a shot at a decent & fair life.   Many have felt a spark of hope ignited by the rise of a different president to the top office in the White House.   The uprising of the Iranians against election results is only the tip of the iceberg signaling a sweeping change which the world is about to witness.   At no time in history this was possible in Khamenei’s Iran where strict theocratic rule represses people from voicing aloud apposition of any kind.


Here I draw a connection between Obamansim and the Iranian rebellions against the norm.   Countries who cultivate injustice & torture of their citizens should pay a very close attention & act fast to avoid potential backyard revolts.   People are really tired of being robbed of their inviolable rights & cheated from having the basic components of decent living.   They see no way out of their predicament.   The change of the world order brought by Obama presidency is signaling positive global transformation, as many are encouraged by the changes in the west & Iran .   It is becoming increasingly difficult for nationalist governemnets to claim that foreign imperialism & intervention are the source of public anguish.   Even in the most restricted circumstances, the public began using their mobile phones, YouTube, Twitter or Mico-blogging to express & report mistreatments by the authorities.   As the universal aspiration for democracy grows, one would predict that other nations will soon follow, whether to correct what is wrong with their governments or emphatically demand swift change by whatever means.


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