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General election of Sudan By Aru Mayan:
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Apr 13, 2010 - 8:47:47 PM

General election of Sudan


By Aru Mayan:


In every general election in any country in the world, parties participate due to their goals and set good beneficial programs for the citizen of the country in order to win the competition, and at same time they put plans and strategy for winning the election, seem like SPLM has nothing to do with such a things or may be they are thinking differently specially the PB, We will see whether the SPLM is planning for a very different thing.     

In Sudanese state the election begin in 11 of April, 2010 is going to be the day which the Sudanese citizens are going to caste the ballot so they chose who is going to be their future president and their states governors and their parliament representatives, all these process are going to take place within this coming  two weeks, imagine this election is going to change this country completely and the majors political parties boycotted the elections, specially the SPLM which is popular in whole Sudan and the ruling party in South Sudan ,something must happened to SPLM who knows , writers mostly in Arabic newspaper are assuming that SPLM must have had a contract with NCP , the question pose itself that way, what kind of contract that SPLM made with the NCP? And the truth is, no contract has been made between SPLM and NCP, because if is it about the referendum of people in South Sudan that one is the right of the people is need no contract or whatever as well as the map of South Sudan is well known to us and to NCP and the people of north too.

Reason behind SPLM is boycotting the election in north may be because of rigging which is predominantly clear to every single citizen of this country and every politician inside or out of Sudan.

Many expectations must be taken seriously, SPLM may have taken  its decisions that way,  as long as the brothers in NCP are still acting the past games, the games of lying and tricking people in order to take whole Sudan as a ruling one party in the whole country ,  so they should be given a lesson in politics that they will never forget, or may be SPLM is in the real dilemma it is proved days ago when Kirr  announced statement about the participation of SPLM in north and at same time Pagan Amum announced a statement of SPLM is boycotting the election in north except in south Kordofan and blue Nile state such a treatment may bring SPLM into a problems with marginalized people whom SPLM claimed to be established because of them.

Now, nothing remain for election to come, and NCP is winning no way out, but the bottom line is the owner of decision of which is the issue of  referendum of the people of South Sudan, and it is what is A and Z in this country and anybody in north scare whether is he|she a citizen or political party and even NCP scare the consequences of referendum even though I see some Khartoum newspaper trade the issue of secession of south Sudan which they think the Southerners must separate from the north because they are causing the North much price, it is funny when you hear such a things from a single one person, and the problem is not the person himself , may be he is sick with the phobia of separation, and he treat the people of south Sudan like they have never been a part of this country before, even though the region of south Sudan has been a part of the Sudan since the independent of Sudan 1956, where were this person since this long time, seem he was unconscious or may be involve in unawake sleeping, and finally wake up from this serious sickness condition and find a region of South  Sudan part  of Arab Mussilims land of North as it is claimed to be.

Anyway election result is indicating that Bashir is going to be the coming president of Sudan with democratic banner and the most important things after this great event is referendum which GOSS has nothing call compromise about it, other wise people of South Sudan will turn against SPLM, and SPLM as a mature political party will not allow herself to be involve in problem with the people who supported her during the revolution era, and took place because of those people’s rights, so referendum is going to be grant or taken anyway for the people and whatever choice should be acceptable by the SPLM and the NCP.


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