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Formation of SPLM–DC antagonized SPLM BY: Urbano Tito TIPO; Sudan,
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Jun 16, 2009 - 5:03:38 AM

Formation of SPLM–DC antagonized SPLM

BY: Urbano Tito TIPO; Sudan,

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 In the recent days there has been a lot of criticism about the formation of SPLM for Democratic Change by a number of southern intellectuals at home and abroad. Therefore I am taking this opportunity to give an opinion of the current political situation that led to formation of SPLM-DC.


I did read the articles posted by Abraham A. Awolich, Gatkuoth Deng, Yong Deng, Zechariah Manyok Biar and Manyok Chuol, who are nationalized citizens of America and Canada respectively. From their names they originated from South Sudanese tribes.


Although I am not trying to criticize them for their articles, I did read their articles in depth and interest. What they have posted was nothing more than history dated back to 1991 split in SPLM and trying their best to re-write political autobiography of Dr. Lam Akol based on their egoistic and bias arguments. They did not add any substantial value in the political development as of date.


Since the mentioned guys are Americans and Canadians, they do not live with reality on ground except getting phone calls from their former folks in South Sudan. Formation of SPLM-DC was a political process that did not come out of the blue. SPLM organs should have known this in advance in Home & Away hotel drinking club and taken remedial political measures.


What led to the formation of SPLM-DC as to be analyzed further based on the performance of SPLM and GoSS from the inception in 2005. The original sin of GoSS one believes was on how 60million US$ dollars donated by the President of the Sudan was used. The money was intended to establish the foundation of a sound government in the south that would lead for better prosperity of its citizens.


That never happened. Instead it was utilized to buy houses in Australia, America and Canada and I hope the above mentioned gentlemen will agree with me. A sound government was never established and constitutional appointments were based on ethnicity and one ethnic group becoming the superpower dominating the organized forces and politics.


Good governance based on rule of law and transparency was brushed under the carpet. Chaos and insecurity became the order of the day. There were tribal clashes everywhere and land grabbing was dominant led by an ethnic group. Peace dividends were becoming faded as many returnees decided to return to the areas of refuge and those in Diaspora abstained from returning home. Basic services were depleting and salaries are never paid. SPLA soldiers who fought the war are neglected and going hungry. They have been turned to become looters as means of their survival.


Scrambling within the SPLM top leadership became a common phenomenon which was no longer a secret. The leadership group themselves as Garang Boys, Kiir Kitchen Boys and others. Each group was suspicious of the other. There was total absence of political cohesion within SPLM. Some members were branded to be NCP collaborators and accused of undermining SPLM.


Relationship between the two partners of CPA is becoming sour day-in and day-out making the implementation of the agreement slower and impossible. Late 2006, SPLM pull out of GONU giving conditions such as; Abyei Issue, Border demarcation, re-shuffle of GONU, oil distribution, census and etc. None of the points were met except the removal of Foreign Minister.


The credibility of GoSS and SPLM is at it lowest since 2005 because it is not clear how approximately 7 billion US dollars of the donor’s money were used. Up to now, no tangible development project in South Sudan. There is already a donor fatigue and no likelihood that the money will get flowing to south soon if the books are not put in order.


Abel Alier, the Elections Commissioner is asking for 11 million dollars and chances are slim to get this amount with GOSS set up. While the citizens are still poor, top SPLM management have their children studying abroad with public money.


SPLM leadership is not accepting census results. First they did refuse census to be conducted but because of change of heart it was accepted to go ahead. Now there is contradiction. Why refuse the outcome?

Abyei issue is at the centre for SPLM policy. SPLA initiated skirmishes with SAF in which they lost. Now the case is in court. Will it be resolve before the referendum in 2011 such that they can vote?


Insecurity is widespread in the south. Currently, Agar-Dinka are battling with Jur Beil in Lakes State while in Upper Nile State, armed men have seized WFP boats carrying food to Akobo in Jikmir Payam, Nasir County. These armed men are now engaged in fighting with SPLA Soldiers. The total number of civilians killed in these tribal fighting is reported to more than those killed by SAF in the last 21 years civil war.


What is SPLM doing to bring peace and property to South Sudan?   In places like Juba town there has been shooting at night and reported murder cases.


Political wrangling in the SPLM is yet to be seen. Who is going to contest in the next election for the position of South Sudan leadership? Will it be Dr. Salva Kiir or Dr. Riak Machar? SPLM seems not to be ready to contest the position of the presidency with Omar El-Bashir.

SPLM is vexed because of formation of SPLM-DC. In all the articles I have read it seems they are blaming Dr. Lam Akol who was referred to by Wani Igga as 'a grass in a hut when remove can't be effective.' In another criticism, the newspaper guru Alfred Taban said SPLM-DC is undemocratic and contradicting himself that it has 500 members excluding Dr. Lam. So what is all this fuss about?


Given the reasons reiterated above, formation of SPLM-DC is warranted and it is the moment to salvage our people from imminent political collapse. For those who think SPLM-DC will not survive, let them know Martin Luther broke away from main Catholicism and his vision is there to-day. SPLM-DC has a vision and principles.


Let democracy, peace and property reign under SPLM for democratic change. SPLM may have military might to resist SPLM-DC, but it will be advisable to keep SPLA out of politics.

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