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Dr. Lam Akol’s SPLM-DC Party: A New NCP outfit for its Southern Sudan Destabilization Strategy BY; Manyok Chuol, HALIFAX, Canada
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Jun 18, 2009 - 11:31:29 AM

Dr. Lam Akol’s SPLM-DC Party: A New NCP outfit for its Southern Sudan Destabilization Strategy


BY; Manyok Chuol, HALIFAX , Canada


Dr. Lam Akol released a press statement on the occasion of the launching of his SPLM-DC party which came as no surprise because, for several weeks, the Southern Sudanese political community was expectant of this impending launch.   Dr. Lam Akol public statement only made it finally official!


In his public statement on the launching of SPLM-DC, Dr. Lam Akol discussion of the challenges facing Southern Sudan is real and very illuminating. To others, he was merely reminding us of unfinished struggle for nationhood in South Sudan . Dr. Lam Akol has a done a good job in his criticism of the SPLM and GoSS but his deafening silence on similar practices in NCP party and NCP dominated GoS is not only very disconcerting but also suspicious.  


We would be left scrambling to find answers if we did not know Mr. Lam Akol turbulent and opportunistic political career since joining the SPLM/SPLA in 1986. His abilities in terms of distinctive service in the SPLA and as SPLM representative outside the theatres of war are subject to honest and substantive debate.   And so it’s not as if Dr. Lam Akol capacities and abilities which he now touts are entirely unknown. We only disagree when he seems to grossly exaggerate his own capabilities.


Like Dr. Lam Akol, the people of Southern Sudan reject any and all corrupt practices in GoSS by either the SPLM or members of other political parties in the Southern Sudan Legislative Assembly.   Patriotic Southern Sudanese lukewarmly join Dr. Lam Akol in calling upon the SPLM and SSLA to transparently transact our peoples’ business and provide good governance and for removal all corrupt and incompetent leaders in GoSS. However, it is only dishonest when Mr. Lam Akol discusses supposed failures of SPLM at his most opportune time of defection. He was, after all, a senior member of the SPLM!


Many Southern Sudanese, however, recognize that these issues of service delivery, stemming out of corruption, independence, political reforms and nation building are issues that have historically been difficult to achieve throughout the world. But instead of working hard as a senior member within the SPLM, Mr. Lam Akol, supported by his North Sudan Arab allies, abandons the SPLM to form an NCP political wing for Southern Sudan in the name of SPLM-DC.


I tend to differ with those who point to possible frustration of Mr. Akol by elements within the SPLM because Dr. Lam Akol has technically joined the NCP through his new outfit and I wonder why they expect the ease with which Mr. Akol will work with NCP. In fact, he is back to where he once was! And we all know how previous arrangements went. Maybe Mr. Akol is at it again out of shame and necessity for relativity!

Others would, however, say that Dr. Lam Akol has not defected to NCP. Then show me where he has criticized NCP culpability in its carefully orchestrated lagged implementation of the CPA when he has harshly criticized the SPLM on the same. Dr. Lam Akol is one of   many   Southern Sudan leaders who refuse to believe in our abilities particularly in the absence of Arab patrons. This is very disappointing - needless to say!


It should not appear as though I am against democratic transformation and certainly not the mere formation of political parties. I am of the opinion that the issues in question which Dr. Lam Akol says his NCP allied SPLM-DC will champion are issues that the SPLM can still address. Most Southern Sudanese agree that this is not the right time for political parties as much as it is time to safeguard the CPA with our collective strength and preparing for 2011 referendum on self-determination as a united people.


Thus, it is worth reminding Dr. Lam Akol that the time for political parties and presidential politics in Southern Sudan may only be two and half years away. Of course, I am assuming that the 2011 referendum on self-determination will be carried out and the results accepted by Mr. Akol North Sudan allies.


But I am aware that this discussion is not likely to change Dr. Akol’s mind and especially now that it’s imbued with NCP objectives. And so Dr. Lam Akol   will, as he said, convene two months from June 6th, 2009 the SPLM-DC NDC which will presumably be some time in August, 2009 and one assumes that it'll, in effect, be a celebratory launch commemorating the anniversary of his orchestrated August 1991 coup d’état.  


The formation of SPLM-DC was similarly an attempted coup as Dr. Akol concluded his remarks with invitation to SPLM leadership to join SPLM-DC!


On one level, Dr. Lam appeared to be critical of the SPLM while giving the impression that he was still a member. There are a lot of inconsistencies in Dr. Lam Akol press statement and perhaps they are intentional. They may be nuanced positions in the complex   power matrix calculation. For example, Mr. Akol declared that all offices for the new SPLM-DC will be democratically elected yet he signed off as SPLM-DC chairman. He also pretentiously calls for democratic freedom while he loudly and selectively decries criticism in print, internet and audio-visual media especially from Southern Sudan where he is not likely to be hailed as a hero.


 Dr. Lam Akol has formed as many parties as he has joined and each time with similar reasons. Astonishingly, Mr. Lam Akol’s supporters who fanatically believe in him do not seem to see the need in advising him against forsaking our cause for political immorality. Dr. Lam Akol new party does not seem to mean well for the people of Southern Sudan .

In fact, he appears to wanting the SPLM declare a position on Palestinian – Israeli conflict as he argues thusly:   “On many occasions the SPLM has been ambivalent on national issues, such as the ICC’s indictment of the President, the last attack on Gaza , the deployment of UN troops in Darfur , etc”.


Undeniably, the politics of ICC arrest warrant for Mr. Omar el Bashir has been beneficial to those of us calling for administration of justice as well as to those of Dr. Lam Akol baying for attention and acceptance. Mr. Bashir arrest warrant has made him easily accessible to those Southern Sudan politicians purportedly conveying our supposed rejection of ICC indictment. And president Bashir has   returned the favor with tremendous generosity to these self-acclaimed Southern Sudan politicians who are obviously exploiting an indicted felon - namely Mr. Bashir.


In conclusion, I am appealing to the SPLM and GoSS to provide good governance and prudent management of peoples resources. The public expects more, not less. The SPLM/A is still the symbol of resistance and heroism and with it lies our collective hopes for freedom and nationhood.   We reject as false the illusion that Dr. Lam Akol sets as forming a new government in Southern Sudan would quickly have solved every problem we had.


Clearly, the Arab North’s NCP has found the obfuscation it so desperately needed to start its Southern destabilization strategy. Khartoum appears eager to finance Mr. Akol political activities and it is time the SPLM speeds up its preparations for next year’s election.

Dr. Lam Akol’s new party supporters will likely in retrospect know what we already know about Mr. Akol hurly-burly political career for which he has repeatedly traded our aspirations for our own state in South Sudan to Sudan ’s northern Arabs for short term political mileage.



By: Manyok Chuol, Halifax , Canada

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